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Poster of Il principe fusto

Il principe fusto

Release Date: 1960-03-26 (62 years ago)
Portrait of Maurizio ArenaMaurizio Arena
Maurizio Arena was:
Portrait of Lorella De LucaLorella De Luca
Lorella De Luca was:
Portrait of Cathia CaroCathia Caro
Cathia Caro was:
Portrait of Memmo CarotenutoMemmo Carotenuto
Memmo Carotenuto was:
Portrait of Michèle GirardonMichèle Girardon
Susan Burton
Michèle Girardon was:
Portrait of Lars BlochLars Bloch
Lars Bloch was:
Portrait of Bruno CarotenutoBruno Carotenuto
Bruno Carotenuto was:
Portrait of Franco CoopFranco Coop
Franco Coop was:
Portrait of Ivo Del BiancoIvo Del Bianco
Raimondo di Santoliquido
Ivo Del Bianco was:
Portrait of Elvira Di LorenzoElvira Di Lorenzo
Madre di Ettore
Elvira Di Lorenzo was:
Portrait of Ennio GirolamiEnnio Girolami
Amico di Ettore
Ennio Girolami was:
Portrait of Marco GuglielmiMarco Guglielmi
Marco Guglielmi was:
Portrait of Marianne LeiblMarianne Leibl
Marianne Leibl was:
Portrait of Giampiero LitteraGiampiero Littera
Amico di Ettore
Giampiero Littera was:
Portrait of Piero LulliPiero Lulli
Piero Lulli was:
Portrait of Dina PerbelliniDina Perbellini
Madre di Susan
Dina Perbellini was:
Portrait of Tina PernaTina Perna
Madre di Angela
Tina Perna was:
Portrait of Mimmo PoliMimmo Poli
Mimmo Poli was:
Portrait of Isarco RavaioliIsarco Ravaioli
Isarco Ravaioli was:
Portrait of Emilio SchuberthEmilio Schuberth
Emilio Schuberth was:
Portrait of Linda SiniLinda Sini
Linda Sini was:
Portrait of Gabriele TintiGabriele Tinti
Gabriele Tinti was:
Portrait of Bruno TocciBruno Tocci
Bruno Tocci was:
Portrait of Ugo TognazziUgo Tognazzi
Ugo Tognazzi was:
Portrait of Noel TrevarthenNoel Trevarthen
Conte Bubi Pignavasi
Noel Trevarthen was:
Portrait of Raimondo VianelloRaimondo Vianello
Raimondo Vianello was:
Portrait of Giancarlo ZarfatiGiancarlo Zarfati
Giancarlo Zarfati was:
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