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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Babylon 5: The River of Souls

Babylon 5: The River of Souls

Release Date: Sunday, December 20 1998 (24 years ago)
Portrait of Jerry DoyleJerry Doyle
Michael Alfredo Garibaldi
Jerry Doyle was:
Portrait of Tracy ScogginsTracy Scoggins
Capt. Elizabeth Lochley
Tracy Scoggins was:
Portrait of Jeff ConawayJeff Conaway
Zack Allen
Jeff Conaway was:
Portrait of Richard BiggsRichard Biggs
Stephen Franklin, M.D.
Richard Biggs was:
Portrait of Martin SheenMartin Sheen
Soul Hunter
Martin Sheen was:
Portrait of Ian McShaneIan McShane
Robert Bryson
Ian McShane was:
Portrait of Jeff DoucetteJeff Doucette
2nd Man
Jeff Doucette was:
Portrait of Wayne AlexanderWayne Alexander
Soul One
Wayne Alexander was:
Portrait of Bob AmaralBob Amaral
Bob Amaral was:
Portrait of Joshua CoxJoshua Cox
Lt. David Corwin
Joshua Cox was:
Portrait of Stuart PankinStuart Pankin
James Riley
Stuart Pankin was:
Portrait of Ray ProsciaRay Proscia
Ray Proscia was:
Portrait of Joel BrooksJoel Brooks
Jacob Mayhew
Joel Brooks was:
Portrait of T.J. HobanT.J. Hoban
male hologram
T.J. Hoban was:
Portrait of Jean St. JamesJean St. James
Jean St. James was:
Portrait of Beege BarketteBeege Barkette
Beege Barkette was:
Portrait of Jeff SilvermanJeff Silverman
Mr. Clute
Jeff Silverman was:
Portrait of Nikki ZieringNikki Ziering
Female Hologram
Nikki Ziering was:
Portrait of Jean St. JamesJean St. James
Jean St. James was:
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