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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Two in a Crowd

Two in a Crowd

Release Date: Saturday, October 3 1936 (85 years ago)
Portrait of Joan BennettJoan Bennett
Julia Wayne
Joan Bennett was:
Portrait of Joel McCreaJoel McCrea
Larry Stevens
Joel McCrea was:
Portrait of Henry ArmettaHenry Armetta
Henry Armetta was:
Portrait of Alison SkipworthAlison Skipworth
Lillie Eckleberger aka Lillie the Toad
Alison Skipworth was:
Portrait of Nat PendletonNat Pendleton
Nat Pendleton was:
Portrait of Reginald DennyReginald Denny
James Stewart Anthony
Reginald Denny was:
Portrait of Elisha Cook Jr.Elisha Cook Jr.
Elisha Cook Jr. was:
Portrait of Andy ClydeAndy Clyde
Andy Clyde was:
Portrait of Donald MeekDonald Meek
Donald Meek was:
Portrait of John HamiltonJohn Hamilton
John Hamilton was:
Portrait of Bradley PageBradley Page
Tony Bonelli
Bradley Page was:
Portrait of Joe SawyerJoe Sawyer
Bonelli's Henchman
Joe Sawyer was:
Portrait of Paul FixPaul Fix
Bonelli's Henchman
Paul Fix was:
Portrait of Douglas WoodDouglas Wood
Banker Ralston
Douglas Wood was:
Portrait of Barbara RogersBarbara Rogers
Lawson Girl
Barbara Rogers was:
Portrait of Eddie 'Rochester' AndersonEddie 'Rochester' Anderson
Swipe (uncredited)
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson was:
Portrait of Inez CourtneyInez Courtney
Mrs. Flynn (uncredited)
Inez Courtney was:
Portrait of Natalie MoorheadNatalie Moorhead
Mrs. Anthony (uncredited)
Natalie Moorhead was:
Portrait of Milburn StoneMilburn Stone
Kennedy (uncredited)
Milburn Stone was:
Portrait of John GeorgeJohn George
John George was:
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