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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Private Detective 62

Private Detective 62

Release Date: Saturday, June 10 1933 (89 years ago)
Portrait of William PowellWilliam Powell
Donald Free
William Powell was:
Portrait of Margaret LindsayMargaret Lindsay
Janet Reynolds
Margaret Lindsay was:
Portrait of Arthur HohlArthur Hohl
Dan Hogan
Arthur Hohl was:
Portrait of Ruth DonnellyRuth Donnelly
Amy Moran
Ruth Donnelly was:
Portrait of Gordon WestcottGordon Westcott
Tony Bandor
Gordon Westcott was:
Portrait of Natalie MoorheadNatalie Moorhead
Helen Burns
Natalie Moorhead was:
Portrait of James BellJames Bell
James Bell was:
Portrait of Hobart CavanaughHobart Cavanaugh
Harcourt S. Burns
Hobart Cavanaugh was:
Portrait of Irving BaconIrving Bacon
Cab Driver
Irving Bacon was:
Portrait of Arthur ByronArthur Byron
Tracey (Uncredited)
Arthur Byron was:
Portrait of Heinie ConklinHeinie Conklin
Bartender (Uncredited)
Heinie Conklin was:
Portrait of Eddie DunnEddie Dunn
Club Doorman (Uncredited)
Eddie Dunn was:
Portrait of Charles LaneCharles Lane
Process Server (Uncredited)
Charles Lane was:
Portrait of Eddie PhillipsEddie Phillips
Mrs. Wright's Paramour (Uncredited)
Eddie Phillips was:
Portrait of Georges RenaventGeorges Renavent
Ship's Captain Henri LaFarge (Uncredited)
Georges Renavent was:
Portrait of Sheila TerrySheila Terry
Mrs. Wright (Uncredited)
Sheila Terry was:
Portrait of Charles C. WilsonCharles C. Wilson
Club Bartender (Uncredited)
Charles C. Wilson was:
Portrait of Toby WingToby Wing
Free's Lady Friend (Uncredited)
Toby Wing was:
Portrait of Joan BarclayJoan Barclay
Gambler (Uncredited)
Joan Barclay was:
Portrait of Bill ElliottBill Elliott
Man at Roulette Table (Uncredited)
Bill Elliott was:
Portrait of Theresa HarrisTheresa Harris
Janet's Maid (Uncredited)
Theresa Harris was:
Portrait of Ann HoveyAnn Hovey
Rose (Uncredited)
Ann Hovey was:
Portrait of Rolfe SedanRolfe Sedan
Casino Man (Uncredited)
Rolfe Sedan was:
Portrait of Harry SeymourHarry Seymour
Gambler (Uncredited)
Harry Seymour was:
Portrait of Joan StandingJoan Standing
Client with Free (Uncredited)
Joan Standing was:
Portrait of Ellinor VanderveerEllinor Vanderveer
Woman in Speakeasy (Uncredited)
Ellinor Vanderveer was:
Portrait of Renee WhitneyRenee Whitney
Alice (Uncredited)
Renee Whitney was:
Portrait of Pat WingPat Wing
Secretary (Uncredited)
Pat Wing was:
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