Poster of Canary


Plot: Mika Katagiri wants her band to perform at the upcoming local festival. However, complications arise
Release Date: Friday, March 22 2002
22 years ago
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Portrait of Chiwa SaitoChiwa Saito
Chiwa Saito was
21 in Canary
as 'Mai Hoshino (voice)'.
Thu, Mar 12 1981
Portrait of Yui HorieYui Horie
Yui Horie was
25 in Canary
as 'Madoka Otowa (voice)'.
Mon, Sep 20 1976
Portrait of Mika KanaiMika Kanai
Mika Kanai was
38 in Canary
as 'Mika Katagiri (voice)'.
Wed, Mar 18 1964
Portrait of Taiki MatsunoTaiki Matsuno
Taiki Matsuno was
34 in Canary
as 'Yōhei Hozumi (voice)'.
Mon, Oct 16 1967
Portrait of Yukiko MannakaYukiko Mannaka
Yukiko Mannaka was
>> in Canary
as 'Ayana Saeki (voice)'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Akio TakahashiAkio Takahashi
Akio Takahashi was
>> in Canary
as 'Ryōta Sugiyama (voice)'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Kouki HarasawaKouki Harasawa
Kouki Harasawa was
30 in Canary
as 'Yūji Yahagi (voice)'.
Sat, Dec 04 1971
Portrait of Kumiko NishiharaKumiko Nishihara
Kumiko Nishihara was
36 in Canary
as 'Sena Yahagi (voice)'.
Tue, Apr 27 1965
Portrait of Satomi KorogiSatomi Korogi
Satomi Korogi was
39 in Canary
as 'Eri Hozumi (voice)'.
Wed, Nov 14 1962
Portrait of Satsuki YukinoSatsuki Yukino
Satsuki Yukino was
31 in Canary
as 'Megumi Chigasaki (voice)'.
Mon, May 25 1970
Portrait of Youto KazamaYouto Kazama
Youto Kazama was
>> in Canary
as 'Jun Sawasaki (voice)'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Yuko SumitomoYuko Sumitomo
Yuko Sumitomo was
33 in Canary
as 'Chiaki Shinjō (voice)'.
Thu, Jul 11 1968
Portrait of Naomi ShindoNaomi Shindo
Naomi Shindo was
29 in Canary
as 'Manager'.
Thu, Nov 09 1972


Portrait of Ryo TanakaRyo Tanaka
Ryo Tanaka was
>> in Canary
as 'Animation Director, Character Designer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Keitaro MotonagaKeitaro Motonaga
Keitaro Motonaga was
>> in Canary
as 'Director'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Kazuhiro YamadaKazuhiro Yamada
Kazuhiro Yamada was
>> in Canary
as 'Director of Photography'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Hiroki MatsuokaHiroki Matsuoka
Hiroki Matsuoka was
46 in Canary
as 'Sound Director'
Sun, Jun 26 1955
Portrait of Naruhito YamazakiNaruhito Yamazaki
Naruhito Yamazaki was
>> in Canary
as 'Producer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Jun TakumaJun Takuma
Jun Takuma was
>> in Canary
as 'Editor'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Naruhisa ArakawaNaruhisa Arakawa
Naruhisa Arakawa was
38 in Canary
as 'Script'
Sat, Mar 14 1964
Portrait of Shigemi IkedaShigemi Ikeda
Shigemi Ikeda was
47 in Canary
as 'Art Direction'
Fri, Nov 05 1954
Portrait of Junichi SasakiJunichi Sasaki
Junichi Sasaki was
>> in Canary
as 'Sound Effects'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Yuuko KanemaruYuuko Kanemaru
Yuuko Kanemaru was
>> in Canary
as 'Color Designer'
Unknown Birthday