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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Devils

The Devils

Release Date: 1971-07-01 (50 years ago)
Vanessa Redgrave
Sister Jeanne
Vanessa Redgrave was:
Oliver Reed
Urbain Grandier
Oliver Reed was:
Dudley Sutton
Baron de Laubardemont
Dudley Sutton was:
Max Adrian
Max Adrian was:
Gemma Jones
Gemma Jones was:
Murray Melvin
Murray Melvin was:
Michael Gothard
Father Barre
Michael Gothard was:
Georgina Hale
Georgina Hale was:
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy was:
Christopher Logue
Cardinal Richelieu
Christopher Logue was:
Graham Armitage
Louis XIII
Graham Armitage was:
John Woodvine
John Woodvine was:
Andrew Faulds
Andrew Faulds was:
Kenneth Colley
Kenneth Colley was:
Judith Paris
Sister Judith
Judith Paris was:
Catherine Willmer
Sister Catherine
Catherine Willmer was:
Iza Teller
Sister Iza
Iza Teller was:
Tony Allen
Spectator / Clerk of Court (uncredited)
Tony Allen was:
Niké Arrighi
Nun (uncredited)
Niké Arrighi was:
Pat Ashton
Gossiping Woman (uncredited)
Pat Ashton was:
Peter Avella
Citizen (uncredited)
Peter Avella was:
Imogen Claire
Nun (uncredited)
Imogen Claire was:
Barbie Denham
Vestal Virgin (uncredited)
Barbie Denham was:
Hugh Elton
Courtier (uncredited)
Hugh Elton was:
Harry Fielder
Soldier / Blackbird (uncredited)
Harry Fielder was:
Selina Gilbert
Nun (uncredited)
Selina Gilbert was:
Cheryl Grunwald
Vestal Virgin (uncredited)
Cheryl Grunwald was:
Charles Price
Soldier (uncredited)
Charles Price was:
Charles Rayford
Spectator (uncredited)
Charles Rayford was:
Jack Sharp
Spectator (uncredited)
Jack Sharp was:
Tina Simmons
Nun (uncredited)
Tina Simmons was:
Doremy Vernon
Nun (uncredited)
Doremy Vernon was:
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