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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Las marginadas

Las marginadas

Release Date: 1977-06-08 (44 years ago)
Analía Gadé
Analía Gadé was:
Simón Andreu
Simón Andreu was:
Diana Lorys
Diana Lorys was:
Silvia Solar
María José
Silvia Solar was:
Marina Ferri
Marina Ferri was:
Monika Kolpek
Monika Kolpek was:
Perla Cristal
Perla Cristal was:
Eduardo Fajardo
Don Fernando
Eduardo Fajardo was:
Laly Soldevila
Laly Soldevila was:
María Isbert
Tía María Dolores
María Isbert was:
Ágata Lys
Ágata Lys was:
Alberto Fresco
Alberto Fresco was:
Josep Minguell
Josep Minguell was:
Juan Fernández
Juan Fernández was:
Alejandro de Enciso
Alejandro de Enciso was:
Rafael Anglada
Rafael Anglada was:
Juan Torres
Ligón del bar
Juan Torres was:
Francisco Jarque
Francisco Jarque was:
Luis Oar
Cliente de Consuelo
Luis Oar was:
Manuel Bronchud
Manuel Bronchud was:
Glòria Martí
Glòria Martí was:
Joan Llaneras
Amante de María José
Joan Llaneras was:
Dora Santacreu
Dueña de la pensión
Dora Santacreu was:
Antonio Sarrá
Antonio Sarrá was:
Rebeca Romer
Rebeca Romer was:
Gemma del Río
Gemma del Río was:
Daniel Medrán
Ligón melenudo (uncredited)
Daniel Medrán was:
África Mir
Campesina / Chica del club (uncredited)
África Mir was:
Amparo Moreno
Campesina (uncredited)
Amparo Moreno was:
Fredy Ripers
Camionero (uncredited)
Fredy Ripers was:
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