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Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha

Release Date: 2005-12-06 (14 years ago)
Suzuka Ohgo
Suzuka Ohgo was:
Togo Igawa
Togo Igawa was:
Mako was:
Samantha Futerman
Samantha Futerman was:
Elizabeth Sung
Sakamoto's Wife
Elizabeth Sung was:
Thomas Ikeda
Mr. Bekku
Thomas Ikeda was:
Gong Li
Gong Li was:
Tsai Chin
Tsai Chin was:
Kaori Momoi
Kaori Momoi was:
Zoe Weizenbaum
Young Pumpkin
Zoe Weizenbaum was:
David Okihiro
Shamisen Teacher
David Okihiro was:
Miyako Tachibana
Dance Teacher
Miyako Tachibana was:
Kotoko Kawamura
Kotoko Kawamura was:
Karl Yune
Karl Yune was:
Eugenia Yuan
Eugenia Yuan was:
Yōko Narahashi
Mameha's Maid
Yōko Narahashi was:
Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh was:
Kenneth Tsang
The General
Kenneth Tsang was:
Ken Watanabe
Ken Watanabe was:
Navia Nguyen
Izuko - Geisha in Green
Navia Nguyen was:
Natsuo Tomita
Geisha in Lavender
Natsuo Tomita was:
Youki Kudoh
Youki Kudoh was:
Zhang Ziyi
Zhang Ziyi was:
Fumi Akutagawa
Yukimoto Teahouse Matron
Fumi Akutagawa was:
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
The Baron
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was:
Koji Toyoda
Male Hairdresser
Koji Toyoda was:
Rick Mali
Man in Grey Hat
Rick Mali was:
Steve Terada
Boy on Bike
Steve Terada was:
Laura Miro
Yukimoto Teahouse Geisha / Spring Festival Dancer
Laura Miro was:
Diane Mizota
Yukimoto Teahouse Geisha / Spring Festival Dancer
Diane Mizota was:
Yasusuke Uike
Sumo Referee
Yasusuke Uike was:
Shûhei Mainoumi
Small Sumo Wrestler
Shûhei Mainoumi was:
Daisuke Dewaarashi
Large Sumo Wrestler
Daisuke Dewaarashi was:
Koji Yakusho
Koji Yakusho was:
Ren Urano
Sumo Ring Announcer
Ren Urano was:
Ace Yonamine
Sumo Wrestler
Ace Yonamine was:
Anthony Begonia
Sumo Wrestler
Anthony Begonia was:
Albert 'Sumo' Lee
Sumo Wrestler
Albert 'Sumo' Lee was:
Dino Rivera
Sumo Wrestler
Dino Rivera was:
Randall Duk Kim
Dr. Crab
Randall Duk Kim was:
Takayo Fischer
Tanizato Teahouse Owner
Takayo Fischer was:
Asako Takasue
Tanizato Teahouse Matron
Asako Takasue was:
Clarissa Park
Dancer at Party
Clarissa Park was:
Nobu Matsuhisa
Kimono Artist
Nobu Matsuhisa was:
James Taku Leung
Kimono Factory Worker
James Taku Leung was:
Chad Cleven
Drunken G.I.
Chad Cleven was:
Richard J. Bell
Drunken G.I.
Richard J. Bell was:
Cameron Duncan
Drunken G.I.
Cameron Duncan was:
Faith Shin
Little Kiko
Faith Shin was:
Brannon Bates
Military Police Officer
Brannon Bates was:
Ted Levine
Colonel Derricks
Ted Levine was:
Paul Adelstein
Lieutenant Hutchins
Paul Adelstein was:
Shizuko Hoshi
Sayuri Narration (voice)
Shizuko Hoshi was:
Michelle Aguilar Camaya
Spring Festival Dancer
Michelle Aguilar Camaya was:
Janelle Dote
Spring Festival Dancer
Janelle Dote was:
Kim Hazel
Spring Festival Dancer
Kim Hazel was:
Ashia Meyers
Spring Festival Dancer
Ashia Meyers was:
Spring Festival Dancer
Hikari was:
Shiho Miyazawa
Spring Festival Dancer
Shiho Miyazawa was:
Minae Noji
Spring Festival Dancer
Minae Noji was:
Mami Saito
Spring Festival Dancer
Mami Saito was:
Shannon Abero
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Shannon Abero was:
Kiyoko Ando
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Kiyoko Ando was:
Miki Fujitani
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Miki Fujitani was:
Chieko Hidaka
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Chieko Hidaka was:
Wendy Lam
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Wendy Lam was:
Kanako Miyamoto
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Kanako Miyamoto was:
Brooke Miyasaki
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Brooke Miyasaki was:
Nao Nojima
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Nao Nojima was:
Shelly Oto
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Shelly Oto was:
Nikki Tuazon
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Nikki Tuazon was:
Addie Yungmee
Festival Rehearsal Dancer
Addie Yungmee was:
Cassidy Adams
Student Dancer
Cassidy Adams was:
Lena Ahn
Student Dancer
Lena Ahn was:
Allison Chan
Student Dancer
Allison Chan was:
Deziree Del Rosario
Student Dancer
Deziree Del Rosario was:
Emilie Endow
Student Dancer
Emilie Endow was:
Rosie Endow
Student Dancer
Rosie Endow was:
Hannah Hwang
Student Dancer
Hannah Hwang was:
Emma Fusako Ishii
Student Dancer
Emma Fusako Ishii was:
Amy Saki Kawakami
Student Dancer
Amy Saki Kawakami was:
Stefani Lee
Student Dancer
Stefani Lee was:
Teanna Lee
Student Dancer
Teanna Lee was:
Melissa Morinishi
Student Dancer
Melissa Morinishi was:
Michelle Obi
Student Dancer
Michelle Obi was:
Kasey Okazaki
Student Dancer
Kasey Okazaki was:
Jacqueline Osaki
Student Dancer
Jacqueline Osaki was:
Ayaka Oyama
Student Dancer
Ayaka Oyama was:
Jade Refuerzo
Student Dancer
Jade Refuerzo was:
La Na Shi
Student Dancer
La Na Shi was:
Stacy Suzuki
Student Dancer
Stacy Suzuki was:
Miwa Tachibana
Student Dancer
Miwa Tachibana was:
Jordan Tambara
Student Dancer
Jordan Tambara was:
Shaye Uyematsu
Student Dancer
Shaye Uyematsu was:
Etsuo Hongo
Shamisen Musician
Etsuo Hongo was:
Tateo Takahashi
Shamisen Musician
Tateo Takahashi was:
Masakazu Yoshizawa
Shamisen Musician
Masakazu Yoshizawa was:
Kazumi Aihara
The Baron's Guest (uncredited)
Kazumi Aihara was:
Jennie Baek
Geisha (uncredited)
Jennie Baek was:
Yuki Bird
Wealthy Guest (uncredited)
Yuki Bird was:
Michael Chen
Rickshaw Driver (uncredited)
Michael Chen was:
Allen Dam
Spa Patron (uncredited)
Allen Dam was:
Maggie Hai-Uyen
Guest of the Baron (uncredited)
Maggie Hai-Uyen was:
James Huang
Spa Worker (uncredited)
James Huang was:
Masa Kanome
Radio Caster (uncredited)
Masa Kanome was:
Branden Weslee Kong
Rickshaw Driver (uncredited)
Branden Weslee Kong was:
Aurelie Kyinn
Wealthy Guest (uncredited)
Aurelie Kyinn was:
Ruffy Landayan
Military Soldier (uncredited)
Ruffy Landayan was:
Teddy Lau
Noodle Chef (uncredited)
Teddy Lau was:
Stacey Lee
Maiko (uncredited)
Stacey Lee was:
Jon Liggett
Drunken G.I. (uncredited)
Jon Liggett was:
Julia Ling
Spring Festival Dancer (uncredited)
Julia Ling was:
Jia Mae
Sexy Geisha (uncredited)
Jia Mae was:
Tohoru Masamune
Radio Announcer (uncredited)
Tohoru Masamune was:
Danton Mew
Takamaya Towel Servant (uncredited)
Danton Mew was:
Doug Ming
Fisherman (uncredited)
Doug Ming was:
Ryan Moriarty
Teahouse Patron (uncredited)
Ryan Moriarty was:
Skye Nakamura
Teahouse Owner (uncredited)
Skye Nakamura was:
Tam Nguyen
Maiko (uncredited)
Tam Nguyen was:
Sophie Oda
Kimono Factory Worker (uncredited)
Sophie Oda was:
Ricky Pak
Spa Patron (uncredited)
Ricky Pak was:
Steffinnie Phrommany
Geisha (uncredited)
Steffinnie Phrommany was:
Catherine Kim Poon
Geisha (uncredited)
Catherine Kim Poon was:
Osamu Saito
Chairman's servant Arima (uncredited)
Osamu Saito was:
Jasper Salon
Tea House Patron (uncredited)
Jasper Salon was:
Austin Michael Scott
Drunken G.I. (uncredited)
Austin Michael Scott was:
Cathy Shim
The Baron's Guest (uncredited)
Cathy Shim was:
Steve Sornbutnark
Attendee (uncredited)
Steve Sornbutnark was:
Clara Soyoung
Hanamachi St. Geisha (uncredited)
Clara Soyoung was:
Aaron Takahashi
Rickshaw Runner (uncredited)
Aaron Takahashi was:
Ray Tom
Spa Patron (uncredited)
Ray Tom was:
Henry T. Yamada
Sumo Judge (uncredited)
Henry T. Yamada was:
Joseph Steven Yang
Spa Patron (uncredited)
Joseph Steven Yang was:
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