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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bitch Slap

Bitch Slap

Release Date: 2009-05-16 (11 years ago)
Julia Voth
Julia Voth was:
Erin Cummings
Erin Cummings was:
America Olivo
America Olivo was:
Lucy Lawless
Mother Superior
Lucy Lawless was:
Zoë Bell
Zoë Bell was:
William Gregory Lee
Hot Wire
William Gregory Lee was:
Michael Hurst
Michael Hurst was:
Kevin Sorbo
Mr. Phoenix
Kevin Sorbo was:
Renee O'Connor
Sister Batrill
Renee O'Connor was:
Ron Melendez
Deputy Fuchs
Ron Melendez was:
Minae Noji
Minae Noji was:
Dennis Keiffer
Dennis Keiffer was:
Debbie Lee Carrington
Hot Pocket
Debbie Lee Carrington was:
Robert Mammana
Prison Guard John
Robert Mammana was:
Jim Klock
Officer Spanky With a 'Tude
Jim Klock was:
Danny Nero
Officer Big Gun McFluff
Danny Nero was:
Christine Nguyen
Nasty Nubile Escort
Christine Nguyen was:
Krystal Badia
Sister Sara
Krystal Badia was:
Carlo Mendez
Mercenary Leader
Carlo Mendez was:
Sabine Varnes
Bathroom Bitch Varla
Sabine Varnes was:
Eurlyne Epper
Bathroom Bitch Rosie
Eurlyne Epper was:
Justin Kornmann
Mercenary Rebel Yell
Justin Kornmann was:
Brian Peck
Wrong Place - Wrong Time
Brian Peck was:
Carla Collins
Here Comes The Bride
Carla Collins was:
Astrid Swan
Lady Liberty
Astrid Swan was:
Bianca Barnett
Harem Hussie Code Red
Bianca Barnett was:
Aisha Cain
Harem Aussie Code Blue
Aisha Cain was:
Karen Austin
Karen Austin was:
Jennifer Miller
Lap Vixen Thumper
Jennifer Miller was:
Rick Jacobson
Rick Jacobson was:
Mark Lutz
Deiter von Vondervon
Mark Lutz was:
Scott Hanley
Black Ice
Scott Hanley was:
Eric Gruendemann
Father Malone
Eric Gruendemann was:
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