Poster of Audition Two

Audition Two

Plot: Ignorant armies of sketchy people clashing by night continued.
Release Date: Sunday, January 30 2005
18 years ago
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Portrait of David Stuart EvansDavid Stuart Evans
David Stuart Evans was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Darcy FehrDarcy Fehr
Darcy Fehr was:
Thu, Dec 26 1974
Portrait of Mike BellMike Bell
Mike Bell was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Melissa DionisioMelissa Dionisio
Melissa Dionisio was:
Unknown Birthday


Portrait of Guy MaddinGuy Maddin
Director, Director of Photography
Guy Maddin was:
Tue, Feb 28 1956
Portrait of John GurdebekeJohn Gurdebeke
John Gurdebeke was:
Unknown Birthday