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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Release Date: 2011-06-28 (9 years ago)
Shia LaBeouf
Sam Witwicky
Shia LaBeouf was:
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was:
Josh Duhamel
Josh Duhamel was:
John Turturro
John Turturro was:
Tyrese Gibson
Tyrese Gibson was:
Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey was:
Frances McDormand
Frances McDormand was:
John Malkovich
Bruce Brazos
John Malkovich was:
Kevin Dunn
Ron Witwicky
Kevin Dunn was:
Julie White
Judy Witwicky
Julie White was:
Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk was:
Ken Jeong
Jerry Wang
Ken Jeong was:
Glenn Morshower
General Morshower
Glenn Morshower was:
Lester Speight
Lester Speight was:
Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin was:
Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly was:
Ravil Isyanov
Ravil Isyanov was:
Dustin Dennard
Lennox Lieutenant
Dustin Dennard was:
Markiss McFadden
Lennox Team 'Baby Face'
Markiss McFadden was:
Nick Bickle
Lennox Team 'Chapman'
Nick Bickle was:
Ajay James
Lennox Team 'Atroui'
Ajay James was:
Brett Lynch
Lennox Team 'Phelps'
Brett Lynch was:
Chris A. Robinson
Lennox Team 'Bruno'
Chris A. Robinson was:
Scott C. Roe
Lennox Team 'Nelson'
Scott C. Roe was:
James D. Weston II
Lennox Team 'Tuens'
James D. Weston II was:
Brian Call
Lennox Team 'Taggart'
Brian Call was:
Aaron Garrido
Epps Team 'Mongo'
Aaron Garrido was:
Mikal Vega
Epps Team 'Hooch'
Mikal Vega was:
Kenny Sheard
Epps Team 'Marc L'
Kenny Sheard was:
Josh Kelly
Epps Team 'Stone'
Josh Kelly was:
Keiko Agena
Mearing's Aide
Keiko Agena was:
LaMonica Garrett
Morshower's Aide
LaMonica Garrett was:
Yasen Peyankov
Voshkod Associate
Yasen Peyankov was:
Brett Stimely
President Kennedy
Brett Stimely was:
John H. Tobin
President Nixon
John H. Tobin was:
Drew Pillsbury
Defense Secretary McNamara
Drew Pillsbury was:
Patrick Pankhurst
Director of NASA
Patrick Pankhurst was:
Larry Clarke
NASA Scientist (1969)
Larry Clarke was:
Tom Virtue
Black Ops NASA Technician (1969)
Tom Virtue was:
Thomas Crawford
Black Ops NASA Technician (1969)
Thomas Crawford was:
Kevin Sizemore
Black Ops NASA Technician (1969)
Kevin Sizemore was:
Alan Pietruszewski
NASA Mission Controller (1969)
Alan Pietruszewski was:
Michael Daniel Cassady
NASA Launch Technician (1969)
Michael Daniel Cassady was:
Peter Murnik
Tracking Station Supervisor (1969)
Peter Murnik was:
Don Jeanes
Neil Armstrong (1969)
Don Jeanes was:
Cory Tucker
Buzz Aldrin (1969)
Cory Tucker was:
Lindsey Ginter
Old NASA Scientist
Lindsey Ginter was:
David St. James
Old NASA Scientist
David St. James was:
Mitch Bromwell
NASA Technician
Mitch Bromwell was:
Elya Baskin
Cosmonaut Dimitri
Elya Baskin was:
Eugene Alper
Cosmonaut Yuri
Eugene Alper was:
Inna Korobkina
Russian Lady
Inna Korobkina was:
Zoran Radanovich
Russian Bouncer
Zoran Radanovich was:
Kathleen Gati
Russian Female Bartender
Kathleen Gati was:
Annie O'Donnell
Human Resources Lady
Annie O'Donnell was:
Chris Sheffield
Pimply Corporate Kid
Chris Sheffield was:
Ken Takemoto
Japanese Executive
Ken Takemoto was:
Michael Loeffelholz
Executive Interviewer
Michael Loeffelholz was:
Mindy Sterling
Female Insurance Agent
Mindy Sterling was:
Stephen Monroe Taylor
Mailroom Worker
Stephen Monroe Taylor was:
Andrew Daly
Mailroom Worker
Andrew Daly was:
Derek Miller
Mailroom Worker
Derek Miller was:
Leidy Mazo
Mailroom Worker
Leidy Mazo was:
Scott Krinsky
Accuretta Executive
Scott Krinsky was:
Katherine Sigismund
Accuretta Worker
Katherine Sigismund was:
Maile Flanagan
Accuretta Worker
Maile Flanagan was:
Darren O'Hare
Berated Scientist
Darren O'Hare was:
Jack Axelrod
Simmons Tileman
Jack Axelrod was:
Rich Hutchman
Rich Hutchman was:
Meredith Monroe
Engineer's Wife
Meredith Monroe was:
Charlotte Labadie
Engineer's Daughter
Charlotte Labadie was:
Christian Baha
Dylan's Executive
Christian Baha was:
Jennifer Williams
Dylan's Assistant
Jennifer Williams was:
Danielle Fornarelli
Dylan's Assistant
Danielle Fornarelli was:
Danny McCarthy
NEST Guard
Danny McCarthy was:
John Turk
NEST Guard
John Turk was:
Peter A Kelly
NEST Guard
Peter A Kelly was:
Mark Golden
Mark Golden was:
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy was:
Scott Paulson
Scott Paulson was:
Luis Echagarruga
Luis Echagarruga was:
Iqbal Theba
UN Secretary General
Iqbal Theba was:
Anthony Azizi
Lt. Sulimani
Anthony Azizi was:
Sammy Sheik
Lt. Faraj
Sammy Sheik was:
Mark Ryan
Military Drone Operator
Mark Ryan was:
John S. McAfee
GPS Tracking Coordinator
John S. McAfee was:
Jay Gates
DC Mall Reporter
Jay Gates was:
Rebecca Cooper
DC Capitol Reporter
Rebecca Cooper was:
Peter Cullen
Optimus Prime (voice)
Peter Cullen was:
Hugo Weaving
Megatron (voice)
Hugo Weaving was:
Leonard Nimoy
Sentinel Prime (voice)
Leonard Nimoy was:
Jess Harnell
Ironhide (voice)
Jess Harnell was:
Charlie Adler
Starscream (voice)
Charlie Adler was:
Robert Foxworth
Ratchet (voice)
Robert Foxworth was:
James Remar
Sideswipe (voice)
James Remar was:
Francesco Quinn
Dino (voice)
Francesco Quinn was:
George Coe
Que / Wheeljack (voice)
George Coe was:
Tom Kenny
Wheelie (voice)
Tom Kenny was:
Reno Wilson
Brains (voice)
Reno Wilson was:
Frank Welker
Shockwave / Soundwave / Barricade (voice)
Frank Welker was:
Ron Bottitta
Roadbuster / Amp (voice)
Ron Bottitta was:
John DiMaggio
Leadfoot / Target (voice)
John DiMaggio was:
Keith Szarabajka
Laserbeak (voice)
Keith Szarabajka was:
Greg Berg
Igor (voice)
Greg Berg was:
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