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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Release Date: 2014-06-25 (6 years ago)
Mark Wahlberg
Cade Yeager
Mark Wahlberg was:
Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci was:
Titus Welliver
Titus Welliver was:
Kelsey Grammer
Harold Attinger
Kelsey Grammer was:
Nicola Peltz
Tessa Yeager
Nicola Peltz was:
Jack Reynor
Jack Reynor was:
Sophia Myles
Sophia Myles was:
Li Bingbing
Su Yueming
Li Bingbing was:
T. J. Miller
Lucas Flannery
T. J. Miller was:
James Bachman
Gill Wembley
James Bachman was:
Thomas Lennon
Chief of Staff
Thomas Lennon was:
Charles Parnell
CIA Director
Charles Parnell was:
Han Geng
Convertible Passenger
Han Geng was:
Erika Fong
CIA Analyst
Erika Fong was:
Michael Collins
CIA Analyst
Michael Collins was:
Zou Shiming
Elevator Boxer
Zou Shiming was:
Richard Riehle
Theater Landlord
Richard Riehle was:
Patrick Bristow
Landlord's Grandson
Patrick Bristow was:
Cleo King
Cleo King was:
Calvin Wimmer
Realtor Client
Calvin Wimmer was:
Glenn Keogh
Arctic Site Foreman
Glenn Keogh was:
David Midthunder
Arctic Site Guard
David Midthunder was:
Richard Gallion
Air Force Operator
Richard Gallion was:
Nick Horst
Air Force Technician
Nick Horst was:
Kassem Gharaibeh
Wembley's Associate
Kassem Gharaibeh was:
Yanis Kalnins
KSI Security Chief
Yanis Kalnins was:
Edward T. Welburn
KSI Executive
Edward T. Welburn was:
Peter A Kelly
KSI Guard
Peter A Kelly was:
Jessica Gomes
KSI Spokesmodel
Jessica Gomes was:
Andreas Beckett
KSI Scientist
Andreas Beckett was:
Alexander Leeb
KSI Scientist
Alexander Leeb was:
Jamison Haase
KSI Robot Controller
Jamison Haase was:
Drew Wicks
KSI Robot Controller
Drew Wicks was:
Gene Shieh
KSI Factory Executive
Gene Shieh was:
Woei Bee
KSI Factory Executive
Woei Bee was:
Wang Ying
KSI Greeter
Wang Ying was:
William Wang
KSI Worker
William Wang was:
Abigail Klein
Joshua's Assistant
Abigail Klein was:
Melanie Specht
Joshua's Assistant
Melanie Specht was:
Greg Matthew Anderson
Joshua's Assistant
Greg Matthew Anderson was:
Austin Lin
Attinger's Driver
Austin Lin was:
Victoria Summer
Joshua's Assistant
Victoria Summer was:
Kevin Covais
Dorky Driver
Kevin Covais was:
B. Adam Baillio
Robot Thief
B. Adam Baillio was:
Mikal Vega
Cemetery Wind Team
Mikal Vega was:
Andrew Arrabito
Cemetery Wind Team
Andrew Arrabito was:
Tyrone Smith
Cemetery Wind Team
Tyrone Smith was:
Kenny Sheard
Cemetery Wind Team
Kenny Sheard was:
Kevin Kent
Cemetery Wind Team
Kevin Kent was:
Michael Wong
Hong Kong Police Chief
Michael Wong was:
King-Man Yip
Hong Kong Man in Suit
King-Man Yip was:
Ray Lui
Motorcycle Owner
Ray Lui was:
Candice Zhao
Woman in Elevator
Candice Zhao was:
Li Jun Ting
Hong Kong Police Officer
Li Jun Ting was:
Howard Y. Woo
Hong Kong Police Officer
Howard Y. Woo was:
Jingsheng Yu
Hong Kong Police Officer
Jingsheng Yu was:
Ben Wang
Hong Kong Police Officer
Ben Wang was:
Eddie San Chan
Hong Kong Police Officer
Eddie San Chan was:
Zhang Tianyu
Pangu Hotel Greeter
Zhang Tianyu was:
Wu Gang
Chinese Minister of Defense
Wu Gang was:
Teresa Daley
Assistant to Minister of Defense
Teresa Daley was:
Peter Cullen
Optimus Prime (voice)
Peter Cullen was:
Frank Welker
Galvatron (voice)
Frank Welker was:
John Goodman
Hound (voice)
John Goodman was:
Ken Watanabe
Drift (voice)
Ken Watanabe was:
Robert Foxworth
Ratchet (voice)
Robert Foxworth was:
John DiMaggio
Crosshairs (voice)
John DiMaggio was:
Mark Ryan
Lockdown (voice)
Mark Ryan was:
Reno Wilson
Brains (voice)
Reno Wilson was:
Kevin Covais
Kevin Covais was:
Michael Bay
Truck Passenger
Michael Bay was:
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