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Poster of Trials of an Okinawa Village

Trials of an Okinawa Village

Release Date: Friday, November 19 1971 (50 years ago)
Portrait of Sumiko FujiSumiko Fuji
Sumiko Fuji was:
Portrait of Minoru OkiMinoru Oki
Minoru Oki was:
Portrait of Kyōsuke MachidaKyōsuke Machida
Kyōsuke Machida was:
Portrait of Toshiaki MinamiToshiaki Minami
Toshiaki Minami was:
Portrait of Kenji UshioKenji Ushio
Kenji Ushio was:
Portrait of Eizô KitamuraEizô Kitamura
Eizô Kitamura was:
Portrait of Shôtarô HayashiShôtarô Hayashi
Shôtarô Hayashi was:
Portrait of Masaharu ArikawaMasaharu Arikawa
Masaharu Arikawa was:
Portrait of Daisuke AwajiDaisuke Awaji
Daisuke Awaji was:
Portrait of Isao TakanamiIsao Takanami
Isao Takanami was:
Portrait of Aiko OnagaAiko Onaga
Aiko Onaga was:
Portrait of Ichitarō KuniIchitarō Kuni
Ichitarō Kuni was:
Portrait of Katsutoshi AkiyamaKatsutoshi Akiyama
Katsutoshi Akiyama was:
Portrait of Ryō NishidaRyō Nishida
Ryō Nishida was:
Portrait of Mikiko AsamatsuMikiko Asamatsu
Mikiko Asamatsu was:
Portrait of Midori YamadaMidori Yamada
Midori Yamada was:
Portrait of Miwako OnayaMiwako Onaya
Miwako Onaya was:
Portrait of Junko MakiJunko Maki
Junko Maki was:
Portrait of Keiko SaegusaKeiko Saegusa
Keiko Saegusa was:
Portrait of Sen OkajiSen Okaji
Sen Okaji was:
Portrait of Kuniomi KitaniKuniomi Kitani
Kuniomi Kitani was:
Portrait of Kojiro ShirakawaKojiro Shirakawa
Kojiro Shirakawa was:
Portrait of Naotsugu UzakiNaotsugu Uzaki
Naotsugu Uzaki was:
Portrait of Akira HirasawaAkira Hirasawa
Akira Hirasawa was:
Portrait of Michitarō MizushimaMichitarō Mizushima
Michitarō Mizushima was:
Portrait of Bin AmatsuBin Amatsu
Bin Amatsu was:
Portrait of Bunta SugawaraBunta Sugawara
Bunta Sugawara was:
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