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Poster of Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories

Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories

Release Date: 1991-11-05 (30 years ago)
Portrait of Lynda CarterLynda Carter
Meredith Lanahan
Lynda Carter was:
Portrait of Michele GreeneMichele Greene
Janet Janeway
Michele Greene was:
Portrait of Amanda PetersonAmanda Peterson
Abigail Baywood
Amanda Peterson was:
Portrait of John FinnJohn Finn
Jimmy Lanahan
John Finn was:
Portrait of Josie BissettJosie Bissett
Josie Bissett was:
Portrait of Lee GarlingtonLee Garlington
Lee Garlington was:
Portrait of Don S. DavisDon S. Davis
Philip Baywood
Don S. Davis was:
Portrait of David MeceyDavid Mecey
Playboy Photographer
David Mecey was:
Portrait of Lochlyn MunroLochlyn Munro
Lochlyn Munro was:
Portrait of Dale WilsonDale Wilson
Dale Wilson was:
Portrait of Malcolm StewartMalcolm Stewart
Malcolm Stewart was:
Portrait of Jonathan BruceJonathan Bruce
Jonathan Bruce was:
Portrait of Joshua MurrayJoshua Murray
Kevin Lanahan (as Josh Murray)
Joshua Murray was:
Portrait of David NermanDavid Nerman
David Nerman was:
Portrait of Jan D'ArcyJan D'Arcy
Janet's Mother
Jan D'Arcy was:
Portrait of Sheila MooreSheila Moore
Mrs. Baywood
Sheila Moore was:
Portrait of Jewel StaiteJewel Staite
Jennifer Lanahan
Jewel Staite was:
Portrait of Andrea LibmanAndrea Libman
Julia Lanahan
Andrea Libman was:
Portrait of Jonathan PedlowJonathan Pedlow
Jonathan Pedlow was:
Portrait of Margaret VossenMargaret Vossen
Margaret Vossen was:
Portrait of Joe Norman ShawJoe Norman Shaw
Joe Norman Shaw was:
Portrait of Roseanne HopkinsRoseanne Hopkins
Roseanne Hopkins was:
Portrait of Michael J RogersMichael J Rogers
George (as Michael Rogers)
Michael J Rogers was:
Portrait of Craig CampbellCraig Campbell
Craig Campbell was:
Portrait of William MacDonaldWilliam MacDonald
Evan Stafford
William MacDonald was:
Portrait of Tom ShorthouseTom Shorthouse
Tom Shorthouse was:
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