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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Waco


Release Date: 1952-02-24 (70 years ago)
Portrait of Bill ElliottBill Elliott
Matt Boone (as Wild Bill Elliott)
Bill Elliott was:
Portrait of I. Stanford JolleyI. Stanford Jolley
Curly Ivers (as Stanford Jolley)
I. Stanford Jolley was:
Portrait of Pamela BlakePamela Blake
Kathy Clark
Pamela Blake was:
Portrait of Paul FierroPaul Fierro
Lou Garcia
Paul Fierro was:
Portrait of Rand BrooksRand Brooks
Rand Brooks was:
Portrait of Richard AvondeRichard Avonde
Richard Avonde was:
Portrait of Pierce LydenPierce Lyden
Pierce Lyden was:
Portrait of Lane BradfordLane Bradford
Lane Bradford was:
Portrait of Terry FrostTerry Frost
Will Richards
Terry Frost was:
Portrait of Stanley PriceStanley Price
Sheriff of Waco
Stanley Price was:
Portrait of Stanley AndrewsStanley Andrews
Stanley Andrews was:
Portrait of Michael WhalenMichael Whalen
Banker Barnes
Michael Whalen was:
Portrait of Ray BennettRay Bennett
Bull Clark
Ray Bennett was:
Portrait of Rory MallinsonRory Mallinson
Rory Mallinson was:
Portrait of Dick PaxtonDick Paxton
Ace Logan (as Richard Paxton)
Dick Paxton was:
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