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Poster of The Proud Ones

The Proud Ones

Release Date: Tuesday, May 15 1956 (66 years ago)
Portrait of Robert RyanRobert Ryan
Marshal Cass Silver
Robert Ryan was:
Portrait of Virginia MayoVirginia Mayo
Virginia Mayo was:
Portrait of Jeffrey HunterJeffrey Hunter
Thad Anderson
Jeffrey Hunter was:
Portrait of Robert MiddletonRobert Middleton
Honest John Barrett
Robert Middleton was:
Portrait of Walter BrennanWalter Brennan
Walter Brennan was:
Portrait of Arthur O'ConnellArthur O'Connell
Jim Dexter
Arthur O'Connell was:
Portrait of Rodolfo AcostaRodolfo Acosta
Rodolfo Acosta was:
Portrait of Ken ClarkKen Clark
Ken Clark was:
Portrait of George MathewsGeorge Mathews
George Mathews was:
Portrait of Fay RoopeFay Roope
Fay Roope was:
Portrait of Edward PlattEdward Platt
Dr. Barlow
Edward Platt was:
Portrait of Whit BissellWhit Bissell
Mr. Sam Bolton
Whit Bissell was:
Portrait of Robert AdlerRobert Adler
Robert Adler was:
Portrait of Walter BaconWalter Bacon
Walter Bacon was:
Portrait of Don BrodieDon Brodie
Don Brodie was:
Portrait of Paul E. BurnsPaul E. Burns
Paul E. Burns was:
Portrait of Harry CarterHarry Carter
Harry Carter was:
Portrait of Noble ChissellNoble Chissell
Noble Chissell was:
Portrait of Jackie CooganJackie Coogan
Man on Make (uncredited)
Jackie Coogan was:
Portrait of Steve DarrellSteve Darrell
Steve Darrell was:
Portrait of Richard DeaconRichard Deacon
Richard Deacon was:
Portrait of William FawcettWilliam Fawcett
William Fawcett was:
Portrait of Frank GerstleFrank Gerstle
Frank Gerstle was:
Portrait of Michael JeffersMichael Jeffers
Michael Jeffers was:
Portrait of Dick JohnstoneDick Johnstone
Dick Johnstone was:
Portrait of I. Stanford JolleyI. Stanford Jolley
I. Stanford Jolley was:
Portrait of Joe PhillipsJoe Phillips
Joe Phillips was:
Portrait of Joe PloskiJoe Ploski
Joe Ploski was:
Portrait of Bob ReevesBob Reeves
Bob Reeves was:
Portrait of Ray SpikerRay Spiker
Ray Spiker was:
Portrait of Charles TannenCharles Tannen
Charles Tannen was:
Portrait of Ken TerrellKen Terrell
Ken Terrell was:
Portrait of Jack TornekJack Tornek
Jack Tornek was:
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