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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations

Release Date: Friday, January 9 2009 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Mia SerafinoMia Serafino
Rebecca Brown
Mia Serafino was:
Portrait of Rachel MinerRachel Miner
Jenna Reide
Rachel Miner was:
Portrait of Chris CarmackChris Carmack
Sam Reide
Chris Carmack was:
Portrait of Melissa JonesMelissa Jones
Melissa Jones was:
Portrait of Lynch R. TravisLynch R. Travis
Detective Dan Glenn
Lynch R. Travis was:
Portrait of Sarah HabelSarah Habel
Elizabeth Brown
Sarah Habel was:
Portrait of Chantel GiacaloneChantel Giacalone
Anita Barnes
Chantel Giacalone was:
Portrait of Hugh MaguireHugh Maguire
Detective Jack Nicholas
Hugh Maguire was:
Portrait of Kevin YonKevin Yon
Harry Goldburg
Kevin Yon was:
Portrait of Richard WilkinsonRichard Wilkinson
Lonnie Flennons
Richard Wilkinson was:
Portrait of Linda BostonLinda Boston
Linda Boston was:
Portrait of Ulysses HernandezUlysses Hernandez
Ulysses Hernandez was:
Portrait of Michael Paul PlaceMichael Paul Place
Young Sam
Michael Paul Place was:
Portrait of Catherine TowneCatherine Towne
Young Jenna
Catherine Towne was:
Portrait of Michael EllisonMichael Ellison
Anita's Boyfriend
Michael Ellison was:
Portrait of Dennis NorthDennis North
Sam's Father
Dennis North was:
Portrait of Peter MalotaPeter Malota
Assailant in the Park
Peter Malota was:
Portrait of Emily Sutton-SmithEmily Sutton-Smith
Mother in the Park
Emily Sutton-Smith was:
Portrait of Trevor CallaghanTrevor Callaghan
Son in the Park
Trevor Callaghan was:
Portrait of Sonya A. AvakianSonya A. Avakian
Sonya A. Avakian was:
Portrait of Alexis SturrAlexis Sturr
Sam’s Daughter
Alexis Sturr was:
Portrait of Andrea FosterAndrea Foster
Glenn’s Wife
Andrea Foster was:
Portrait of Daniel SpinkDaniel Spink
Prison Guard
Daniel Spink was:
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