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Poster of Joy Road

Joy Road

Release Date: Friday, October 21 2011 (11 years ago)
Portrait of Roger Guenveur SmithRoger Guenveur Smith
Charles Blocker
Roger Guenveur Smith was:
Portrait of N'Bushe WrightN'Bushe Wright
N'Bushe Wright was:
Portrait of Obba BabatundéObba Babatundé
Dr. Howard Perkins
Obba Babatundé was:
Portrait of Melle PowersMelle Powers
Kim Smalls
Melle Powers was:
Portrait of Christian MathisChristian Mathis
Big Boy
Christian Mathis was:
Portrait of Benjamin B. SmithBenjamin B. Smith
Little Boy
Benjamin B. Smith was:
Portrait of LaDonna AliciaLaDonna Alicia
LaDonna Alicia was:
Portrait of Jay BarryJay Barry
L.T. Stone (credit only)
Jay Barry was:
Portrait of Linda BostonLinda Boston
Judge Davis
Linda Boston was:
Portrait of Kevin JacksonKevin Jackson
Raymond Kelly
Kevin Jackson was:
Portrait of Yvette AraujoYvette Araujo
Charity Event Attendee
Yvette Araujo was:
Portrait of Carol Angela DavisCarol Angela Davis
News Anchor
Carol Angela Davis was:
Portrait of Michael EllisonMichael Ellison
Lieutenant Braun
Michael Ellison was:
Portrait of Alecia Jai FearsAlecia Jai Fears
Alecia Jai Fears was:
Portrait of Billy FlamesBilly Flames
East Side Chris
Billy Flames was:
Portrait of Margaret FountianMargaret Fountian
Market Shopper
Margaret Fountian was:
Portrait of April FreemanApril Freeman
Market Shopper
April Freeman was:
Portrait of Wood HarrisWood Harris
Tony Smalls
Wood Harris was:
Portrait of Jamie HectorJamie Hector
Jamie Hector was:
Portrait of Loretta HigginsLoretta Higgins
Loretta Higgins was:
Portrait of Betty Jean KostrachBetty Jean Kostrach
Market Shopper
Betty Jean Kostrach was:
Portrait of Stacey MaloneStacey Malone
Stacey Malone was:
Portrait of Toya PetersonToya Peterson
Toya Peterson was:
Portrait of De'on RaginDe'on Ragin
De'on Ragin was:
Portrait of Jim SandersJim Sanders
Court Bailiff
Jim Sanders was:
Portrait of Peter ToccoPeter Tocco
Tommy Marcum P.I.
Peter Tocco was:
Portrait of Corey BrowneCorey Browne
Big Boi's Cousin
Corey Browne was:
Portrait of Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson
Party Goer
Brian Johnson was:
Portrait of Sam Logan KhaleghiSam Logan Khaleghi
Cocktail Party Server
Sam Logan Khaleghi was:
Portrait of Tim ZajkowskiTim Zajkowski
Party Goer
Tim Zajkowski was:
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