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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

Release Date: Wednesday, April 10 1968 (54 years ago)
Portrait of Rosalind RussellRosalind Russell
Mother Simplicia
Rosalind Russell was:
Portrait of Stella StevensStella Stevens
Sister George
Stella Stevens was:
Portrait of Binnie BarnesBinnie Barnes
Sister Celestine
Binnie Barnes was:
Portrait of Mary WickesMary Wickes
Sister Clarissa
Mary Wickes was:
Portrait of Dolores SuttonDolores Sutton
Sister Rose Marie
Dolores Sutton was:
Portrait of Milton BerleMilton Berle
The Movie Director: The 'In' Group
Milton Berle was:
Portrait of Arthur GodfreyArthur Godfrey
The Bishop: The 'In' Group
Arthur Godfrey was:
Portrait of Van JohnsonVan Johnson
Father Chase: The 'In' Group
Van Johnson was:
Portrait of Robert TaylorRobert Taylor
Mr. Farriday: The 'In' Group
Robert Taylor was:
Portrait of Susan Saint JamesSusan Saint James
Susan Saint James was:
Portrait of Barbara HunterBarbara Hunter
Marvel Ann
Barbara Hunter was:
Portrait of Alice RawlingsAlice Rawlings
Alice Rawlings was:
Portrait of Hilarie ThompsonHilarie Thompson
Hilarie Thompson was:
Portrait of Devon DouglasDevon Douglas
Devon Douglas was:
Portrait of Ellen MossEllen Moss
Ellen Moss was:
Portrait of Cherie LamourCherie Lamour
Cherie Lamour was:
Portrait of June FairchildJune Fairchild
June Fairchild was:
Portrait of Patricia EavesPatricia Eaves
The State Contest Winner: New Mexico
Patricia Eaves was:
Portrait of Vivian GradinVivian Gradin
The State Contest Winner: Texas
Vivian Gradin was:
Portrait of Janis EatonJanis Eaton
The State Contest Winner: Oklahoma
Janis Eaton was:
Portrait of Barbara BomanBarbara Boman
The State Contest Winner: Missouri
Barbara Boman was:
Portrait of Suellen HellandSuellen Helland
The State Contest Winner: Illinois
Suellen Helland was:
Portrait of Cindy Lu RumpleCindy Lu Rumple
The State Contest Winner: Indiana
Cindy Lu Rumple was:
Portrait of Mary Jo BegleyMary Jo Begley
The State Contest Winner: Ohio
Mary Jo Begley was:
Portrait of Betsy GindeleBetsy Gindele
The State Contest Winner: Pennsylvania
Betsy Gindele was:
Portrait of Tommy BoyceTommy Boyce
Self (uncredited)
Tommy Boyce was:
Portrait of Michael ChristianMichael Christian
Motorcycle Leader (uncredited)
Michael Christian was:
Portrait of E.V. Di Massa Jr.E.V. Di Massa Jr.
Student Protestor (uncredited)
E.V. Di Massa Jr. was:
Portrait of John FindlaterJohn Findlater
Jud Farriday (uncredited)
John Findlater was:
Portrait of Bobby HartBobby Hart
Self (uncredited)
Bobby Hart was:
Portrait of Jon HillJon Hill
Cyclist (uncredited)
Jon Hill was:
Portrait of Michelle HolmesMichelle Holmes
Girl at Amusement Park (uncredited)
Michelle Holmes was:
Portrait of Tom LoganTom Logan
Tom (uncredited)
Tom Logan was:
Portrait of William LundiganWilliam Lundigan
Mr. Clancy (uncredited)
William Lundigan was:
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