Poster of Phobias


Plot: Five dangerous patients, suffering from extreme phobias at a government testing facility, are put to the ultimate test under the supervision of a crazed doctor and his quest to weaponize fear.
Release Date: Sunday, February 28 2021
3 years ago
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Portrait of Alexis KnappAlexis Knapp
Alexis Knapp was
31 in Phobias
as 'Lia'.
Mon, Jul 31 1989
Portrait of Charlotte McKinneyCharlotte McKinney
Charlotte McKinney was
27 in Phobias
Fri, Aug 06 1993
Portrait of Lauren MillerLauren Miller
Lauren Miller was
39 in Phobias
as 'Emma'.
Fri, Jan 01 1982
Portrait of Monique ColemanMonique Coleman
Monique Coleman was
40 in Phobias
as 'Natalie'.
Thu, Nov 13 1980
Portrait of Martina GarcíaMartina García
Martina García was
39 in Phobias
as 'Alma'.
Sat, Jun 27 1981
Portrait of Hana Mae LeeHana Mae Lee
Hana Mae Lee was
32 in Phobias
as 'Sami'.
Wed, Sep 28 1988
Portrait of Leonardo NamLeonardo Nam
Leonardo Nam was
42 in Phobias
as 'Johnny'.
Mon, Jan 01 1979
Portrait of Benjamin StockhamBenjamin Stockham
Benjamin Stockham was
20 in Phobias
as 'Issac'.
Sat, Jul 08 2000
Portrait of Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez was
16 in Phobias
as 'Carlos'.
Thu, Sep 23 2004
Portrait of Steve ParkSteve Park
Steve Park was
58 in Phobias
as 'Jung-Soo'.
Fri, May 04 1962
Portrait of Macy GrayMacy Gray
Macy Gray was
53 in Phobias
as 'Renee'.
Wed, Sep 06 1967
Portrait of Ross PartridgeRoss Partridge
Ross Partridge was
53 in Phobias
as 'Dr. Wright'.
Mon, Feb 26 1968
Portrait of Joey LuthmanJoey Luthman
Joey Luthman was
24 in Phobias
as 'Grady'.
Tue, Jan 14 1997
Portrait of Micah A. HauptmanMicah A. Hauptman
Micah A. Hauptman was
47 in Phobias
as 'Dirk'.
Wed, Dec 26 1973
Portrait of Mackenzie Brooke SmithMackenzie Brooke Smith
Mackenzie Brooke Smith was
20 in Phobias
as 'Blaire'.
Tue, Feb 06 2001


Portrait of Maritte Lee GoMaritte Lee Go
Maritte Lee Go was
>> in Phobias
as 'Director, Writer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Joe SillJoe Sill
Joe Sill was
>> in Phobias
as 'Director, Writer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Jess VarleyJess Varley
Jess Varley was
31 in Phobias
as 'Director, Writer'
Mon, Jan 01 1990
Portrait of Chris von HoffmannChris von Hoffmann
Chris von Hoffmann was
33 in Phobias
as 'Director, Writer'
Fri, Dec 04 1987
Portrait of Camilla BelleCamilla Belle
Camilla Belle was
34 in Phobias
as 'Writer, Director'
Thu, Oct 02 1986
Portrait of Broderick EngelhardBroderick Engelhard
Broderick Engelhard was
>> in Phobias
as 'Writer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Janelle BeaudryJanelle Beaudry
Janelle Beaudry was
32 in Phobias
as 'Stunt Double'
Mon, Mar 28 1988