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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Ninja Kids

Ninja Kids

Release Date: Wednesday, January 1 1986 (37 years ago)
Portrait of Herbert BautistaHerbert Bautista
Herbert Bautista was:
Portrait of J.C. BoninJ.C. Bonin
J.C. Bonin was:
Portrait of Francis MagalonaFrancis Magalona
Francis Magalona was:
Portrait of Ramon ChristopherRamon Christopher
Ramon Christopher was:
Portrait of KenoKeno
Keno was:
Portrait of Dennis Da SilvaDennis Da Silva
Dennis Da Silva was:
Portrait of Ricky RiveroRicky Rivero
Ricky Rivero was:
Portrait of Lea SalongaLea Salonga
Lea Salonga was:
Portrait of Mia PrattsMia Pratts
Mia Pratts was:
Portrait of Yani De VeyraYani De Veyra
Yani De Veyra was:
Portrait of Elizabeth OropesaElizabeth Oropesa
Elizabeth Oropesa was:
Portrait of Ernie OrtegaErnie Ortega
Ernie Ortega was:
Portrait of Protacio DeeProtacio Dee
Protacio Dee was:
Portrait of Lito GarciaLito Garcia
Lito Garcia was:
Portrait of Victor BravoVictor Bravo
Victor Bravo was:
Portrait of Manjo del MundoManjo del Mundo
Lotus' Man
Manjo del Mundo was:
Portrait of Liza LorenaLiza Lorena
Liza Lorena was:
Portrait of Marissa DelgadoMarissa Delgado
Louie's Mother
Marissa Delgado was:
Portrait of Carmen EnriquezCarmen Enriquez
Lola ni Kiko, Kenneth
Carmen Enriquez was:
Portrait of Mely TagasaMely Tagasa
Ms. Loyzaga
Mely Tagasa was:
Portrait of Mario EscuderoMario Escudero
Eston's Uncle
Mario Escudero was:
Portrait of Max AlvaradoMax Alvarado
Hostage Taker
Max Alvarado was:
Portrait of Paquito DiazPaquito Diaz
Hostage Taker
Paquito Diaz was:
Portrait of Bomber MoranBomber Moran
Hostage Taker
Bomber Moran was:
Portrait of Joaquin FajardoJoaquin Fajardo
Hostage Taker
Joaquin Fajardo was:
Portrait of Ben SanchezBen Sanchez
Eston's Uncle
Ben Sanchez was:
Portrait of Lito AnzuresLito Anzures
Dodo's Father
Lito Anzures was:
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