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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

What a Country!

What a Country!

Release Date: 2018-12-17 (2 years ago)
Krešimir Mikić
Stanko Kelava
Krešimir Mikić was:
Lazar Ristovski
Lazar Ristovski was:
Nikša Butijer
Stjepan Mikić
Nikša Butijer was:
Ivan Đuričić
Ivan Đuričić was:
Dražen Kuhn
Upravitelj zatvora
Dražen Kuhn was:
Milan Pleština
Milan Pleština was:
Daniel Olbrychski
Predsjednik RH
Daniel Olbrychski was:
Ljubomir Kerekeš
Predsjednik RH (voice)
Ljubomir Kerekeš was:
Stanka Đurić
Enisa, Farukova žena
Stanka Đurić was:
Maro Drobnić
Vozač ministra Kelave
Maro Drobnić was:
Goran Bogdan
Inspektor Jurić
Goran Bogdan was:
Sebastian Cavazza
Sebastian Cavazza was:
Branko Cvejić
Branko Cvejić was:
Gordana Gadžić
Živojinova žena Suzana
Gordana Gadžić was:
Goran Grgić
Šef tajne službe
Goran Grgić was:
Mate Gulin
Mate Gulin was:
Zdenko Jelčić
Zdenko Jelčić was:
Slaven Knezović
Načelnik odjela osiguranja
Slaven Knezović was:
Ksenija Marinković
Grobarova žena
Ksenija Marinković was:
Branko Menićanin
Branko Menićanin was:
Iva Mihalić
Gospođa Kelava
Iva Mihalić was:
Slobodan Milovanović
Slobodan Milovanović was:
Vedran Mlikota
Pravoslavni svjećenik
Vedran Mlikota was:
Bojan Navojec
Državni odvjetnik
Bojan Navojec was:
Goran Navojec
General Mate
Goran Navojec was:
Nermin Omić
Nermin Omić was:
Alma Prica
Karlova žena Franka
Alma Prica was:
Luka Dragić
Luka Dragić was:
Stanka Đurić
Farukova žena Enisa
Stanka Đurić was:
Ognjen Milovanović
Mladi kapetan
Ognjen Milovanović was:
Milan Pleština
Pomoćni biskup
Milan Pleština was:
Mladen Čutura
Ministar uprave
Mladen Čutura was:
Petar Vlahov
Petar Vlahov was:
Gabrijel Kokot
Ministrov sin
Gabrijel Kokot was:
Marin Klismanić
Pravosudni policajac
Marin Klismanić was:
Petar Novaković
Tjelohranitelj Kelave
Petar Novaković was:
Mia Biondić
Mia Biondić was:
Ivica Gunjača
Savjetnik I
Ivica Gunjača was:
Ljubo Jurković
Savjetnik ministra pravosuđa
Ljubo Jurković was:
Jakov Jozić
Mladi vozač
Jakov Jozić was:
Kim Končar
Mlada suvozačica
Kim Končar was:
Zoran Vakula
Spiker vremenske prognoze
Zoran Vakula was:
Zvonimir Sunara
Ministar pravosuđa
Zvonimir Sunara was:
Dijana Kopjar Mucak
Voditeljica vijesti
Dijana Kopjar Mucak was:
Ivan Đuričić
Mitar (uncredited)
Ivan Đuričić was:
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