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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Simon Magus

Simon Magus

Release Date: 2013-01-01 (8 years ago)
Sven Jakir
Sven Jakir was:
Jadranka Đokić
Jadranka Đokić was:
Mia Anočić Valentić
Vinka Brnardić
Mia Anočić Valentić was:
Hrvojka Begović
Hrvojka Begović was:
Mia Biondić
Mia Biondić was:
Goran Grgić
Goran Grgić was:
Dean Krivačić
Dean Krivačić was:
Elizabeta Kukić
Zrinka Brnardić
Elizabeta Kukić was:
Jelisaveta 'Seka' Sablić
Tonka Brnardić
Jelisaveta 'Seka' Sablić was:
Dražen Šivak
Dražen Šivak was:
Damir Klemenić
Vegan Marko
Damir Klemenić was:
Miljenka Androić
Miljenka Androić was:
Krešimir Mišak
Glas savijesti
Krešimir Mišak was:
Franjo Jurčec
Čudnovati starac
Franjo Jurčec was:
Sandra Lončarić
Dr. Vukelić / Inspektorica
Sandra Lončarić was:
Luka Petrušić
Vegan Darko
Luka Petrušić was:
Jerko Marčić
Vegan Zoran
Jerko Marčić was:
Sven Marić
Dečko u bircu
Sven Marić was:
Katica Šubarić
Djevojka u bircu
Katica Šubarić was:
Saša Dodik
Saša Dodik was:
Ognjen Ognjenović
Policajac #1
Ognjen Ognjenović was:
Neven Aljinović-Tot
Policajac #2
Neven Aljinović-Tot was:
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