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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Fury

The Fury

Release Date: 1978-03-10 (43 years ago)
Kirk Douglas
Peter Sandza
Kirk Douglas was:
John Cassavetes
Ben Childress
John Cassavetes was:
Carrie Snodgress
Carrie Snodgress was:
Charles Durning
Dr. Jim McKeever
Charles Durning was:
Amy Irving
Gillian Bellaver
Amy Irving was:
Fiona Lewis
Dr. Susan Charles
Fiona Lewis was:
Andrew Stevens
Robin Sandza
Andrew Stevens was:
Carol Eve Rossen
Dr. Ellen Lindstrom
Carol Eve Rossen was:
Rutanya Alda
Rutanya Alda was:
William Finley
Raymond Dunwoodie
William Finley was:
Jane Lambert
Vivian Nuckells
Jane Lambert was:
Alice Nunn
Mrs. Callahan
Alice Nunn was:
Melody Thomas Scott
Melody Thomas Scott was:
Hilarie Thompson
Hilarie Thompson was:
Dennis Franz
Bob Eggleston
Dennis Franz was:
Gordon Jump
Mr. Nuckells
Gordon Jump was:
Daryl Hannah
Daryl Hannah was:
Laura Innes
Laura Innes was:
Marland Proctor
Marland Proctor was:
Hanns Manship
FBI Agent
Hanns Manship was:
Jim Belushi
Beach Bum (uncredited)
Jim Belushi was:
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