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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1964-07-17 (57 years ago)
Tippi Hedren
Marnie Edgar/Margaret Edgar/Peggy Nicholson/Mary Taylor
Tippi Hedren was:
Sean Connery
Mark Rutland
Sean Connery was:
Diane Baker
Lil Mainwaring
Diane Baker was:
Martin Gabel
Sidney Strutt
Martin Gabel was:
Louise Latham
Bernice Edgar
Louise Latham was:
Alan Napier
Mr. Rutland
Alan Napier was:
Bob Sweeney
Cousin Bob
Bob Sweeney was:
Milton Selzer
Man at Track
Milton Selzer was:
Henry Beckman
First Detective
Henry Beckman was:
Edith Evanson
Edith Evanson was:
Mariette Hartley
Susan Clabon
Mariette Hartley was:
Bruce Dern
Bruce Dern was:
S. John Launer
Sam Ward
S. John Launer was:
Meg Wyllie
Mrs. Turpin
Meg Wyllie was:
Kimberly Beck
Kimberly Beck was:
Rupert Crosse
Office Worker
Rupert Crosse was:
Melody Thomas Scott
Marnie (as a child)
Melody Thomas Scott was:
Lillian Bronson
Mrs. Maitland
Lillian Bronson was:
Kenner G. Kemp
Party Guest
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Harold Gould
Mr. Garrett (uncredited)
Harold Gould was:
Emmaline Henry
Emmaline Henry was:
Alfred Hitchcock
Man Leaving Hotel Room (uncredited)
Alfred Hitchcock was:
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