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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Working Girl

Working Girl

Release Date: 1988-12-20 (32 years ago)
Melanie Griffith
Tess McGill
Melanie Griffith was:
Harrison Ford
Jack Trainer
Harrison Ford was:
Sigourney Weaver
Katharine Parker
Sigourney Weaver was:
Alec Baldwin
Mick Dugan
Alec Baldwin was:
Joan Cusack
Joan Cusack was:
Philip Bosco
Oren Trask
Philip Bosco was:
Nora Dunn
Nora Dunn was:
Oliver Platt
Oliver Platt was:
James Lally
James Lally was:
Kevin Spacey
Bob Speck
Kevin Spacey was:
Robert Easton
Robert Easton was:
Olympia Dukakis
Personnel Director
Olympia Dukakis was:
Elizabeth Whitcraft
Doreen DiMucci
Elizabeth Whitcraft was:
Jeffrey Nordling
Tim Rourke
Jeffrey Nordling was:
Amy Aquino
Alice Baxter
Amy Aquino was:
Timothy Carhart
Tim Draper
Timothy Carhart was:
David Duchovny
Tess' Friend
David Duchovny was:
Zach Grenier
Zach Grenier was:
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake was:
Caroline Aaron
Petty Marsh Secretary
Caroline Aaron was:
Lily Froehlich
Clerk at Dry Cleaner's
Lily Froehlich was:
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