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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The High Note

The High Note

Release Date: 2020-06-10 (1 year ago)
Dakota Johnson
Maggie Sherwoode
Dakota Johnson was:
Tracee Ellis Ross
Grace Davis
Tracee Ellis Ross was:
Kelvin Harrison Jr.
David Cliff
Kelvin Harrison Jr. was:
Bill Pullman
Bill Pullman was:
Zoe Chao
Zoe Chao was:
June Diane Raphael
June Diane Raphael was:
Eugene Cordero
Eugene Cordero was:
Marc Evan Jackson
Marc Evan Jackson was:
Eddie Izzard
Dan Deakins
Eddie Izzard was:
Ice Cube
Jack Robertson
Ice Cube was:
Jonathan Freeman
Jonathan Freeman was:
Parvesh Cheena
Dry Cleaner
Parvesh Cheena was:
Bianca Lopez
Juice Store Employee
Bianca Lopez was:
Neil Lane
Neil Lane
Neil Lane was:
Tiffany Elle
Tiffany Elle was:
Danielle Barbosa
PiƱata Woman
Danielle Barbosa was:
Edras Cerrato
Airplane Pilot
Edras Cerrato was:
Kyndra Reevey
Grace's Back-Up Singer #1 (as Binkie Reevey)
Kyndra Reevey was:
Jazlyn Martin
Grace's Back-Up Singer #2
Jazlyn Martin was:
Daisha Graf
Grace's Back-Up Singer #3
Daisha Graf was:
Holly Alexis Hyman
Grace's Back-Up Singer #4
Holly Alexis Hyman was:
Andy Martin
Jimmy (Horn Player)
Andy Martin was:
Kenwood Anderson
Kenwood Anderson was:
Sonal Shah
Sonal Shah was:
Richie Williams
Diplo was:
Uttera Singh
Uttera Singh was:
Aram Asatryan
David's Bassist (James)
Aram Asatryan was:
Liliana Vasquez
E! News Host
Liliana Vasquez was:
David A. Garcia
Taco Truck Guy (as David Alexander Garcia)
David A. Garcia was:
Lena Drake
Taco Truck Customer
Lena Drake was:
Julia Dennis
Julia Dennis was:
Ross Partridge
Ross Partridge was:
Rupak Ginn
Rupak Ginn was:
Deniz Akdeniz
Deniz Akdeniz was:
Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith was:
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis was:
Jeffery Self
Jeffery Self was:
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