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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Shining Through

Shining Through

Release Date: 1992-01-31 (29 years ago)
Michael Douglas
Ed Leland
Michael Douglas was:
Melanie Griffith
Linda Voss
Melanie Griffith was:
Liam Neeson
Franze-Otto Dietrich
Liam Neeson was:
Joely Richardson
Margrete Von Eberstein
Joely Richardson was:
John Gielgud
John Gielgud was:
Hansi Jochmann
Hedda Drescher
Hansi Jochmann was:
Mathieu Carrière
Von Haefler
Mathieu Carrière was:
Thomas Kretschmann
Mann in Zürich
Thomas Kretschmann was:
Constanze Engelbrecht
Stafson Von Neest
Constanze Engelbrecht was:
Hans Martin Stier
Hans Martin Stier was:
Michael Gempart
Mann in der Kinderstrasse
Michael Gempart was:
Anthony Walters
Dietrich's Son
Anthony Walters was:
Francis Guinan
Andrew Berringer
Francis Guinan was:
Patrick Winczewski
Patrick Winczewski was:
Victoria Shalet
Dietrich's Daughter
Victoria Shalet was:
Sheila Allen
Olga Leiner, Margrete's Mother
Sheila Allen was:
Stanley Beard
Linda's Father
Stanley Beard was:
Sylvia Syms
Linda's Mother
Sylvia Syms was:
Ronald Nitschke
Horst Drescher
Ronald Nitschke was:
Peter Flechtner
S.S. Officer at Fish Market
Peter Flechtner was:
Alexander Hauff
S.S. Officer at Fish Market
Alexander Hauff was:
Renate Cyll
Woman in Fish Market
Renate Cyll was:
Dana Gladstone
Street Agitator
Dana Gladstone was:
Lorinne Vozoff
Personnel Director
Lorinne Vozoff was:
Deirdre Harrison
USO Singer
Deirdre Harrison was:
Wolf Kahler
Border Commandant
Wolf Kahler was:
Wolfe Morris
Male Translator
Wolfe Morris was:
William Hope
William Hope was:
Nigel Whitmey
1st G.I. in Canteen
Nigel Whitmey was:
Rob Freeman
2nd G.I. in Canteen
Rob Freeman was:
Lisa Orgolini
Girl in Canteen
Lisa Orgolini was:
Jay Benedict
Wisecracker in War Room
Jay Benedict was:
Klaus Münster
Cab Driver
Klaus Münster was:
Markus Napier
S.S. Officer
Markus Napier was:
Martin Hoppe
German Soldier
Martin Hoppe was:
Fritz Eggert
German Soldier
Fritz Eggert was:
Ludwig Haas
Ludwig Haas was:
Clement von Franckenstein
BBC Interviewer
Clement von Franckenstein was:
Lorelei King
Leland's New Secretary
Lorelei King was:
Hans Martin Stier
Truck Driver
Hans Martin Stier was:
Hana Maria Pravda
Hana Maria Pravda was:
Markus Kissling
Swiss Border Guard
Markus Kissling was:
Anna Tzelniker
Cleaning Woman
Anna Tzelniker was:
Andrzej Borkowski
German Refugee
Andrzej Borkowski was:
Simon De Deney
S.S. Man
Simon De Deney was:
Tusse Silberg
Woman Dinner Guest at Drescher's
Tusse Silberg was:
Suzanne Roquette
Woman Dinner Guest at Drescher's
Suzanne Roquette was:
Roy Alon
Cook (uncredited)
Roy Alon was:
Juliet Aubrey
Brunette at Dance (uncredited)
Juliet Aubrey was:
Lucien Morgan
Jock (uncredited)
Lucien Morgan was:
Mary Ann Schmidt
Women's Air Force Dancer (uncredited)
Mary Ann Schmidt was:
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