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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

In the Spirit

In the Spirit

Release Date: 1990-04-06 (31 years ago)
Jeannie Berlin
Jeannie Berlin was:
Olympia Dukakis
Olympia Dukakis was:
Peter Falk
Roger Flan
Peter Falk was:
Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith was:
Elaine May
Marianne Flan
Elaine May was:
Marlo Thomas
Reva Prosky
Marlo Thomas was:
Phillip Schopper
The Voice
Phillip Schopper was:
Agda Antonio
Agda Antonio was:
Brian Hickey
Attacker in Hall
Brian Hickey was:
Laurie Jones
Laurie Jones was:
Phil Harper
Homeless Executive
Phil Harper was:
Steve Powers
Documentary Interviewer
Steve Powers was:
Hope Cameron
New Age Lecturer
Hope Cameron was:
David Eigenberg
Handyman #1
David Eigenberg was:
David Baer
Handyman #2
David Baer was:
Matt Carlson
Policeman #1
Matt Carlson was:
Chad Burton
Lt. Kelly
Chad Burton was:
Thurn Hoffman
Det. Pete Weber
Thurn Hoffman was:
Angelo Florio
Policeman #2
Angelo Florio was:
Mark Boone Junior
Policeman #3
Mark Boone Junior was:
Gary Swanson
Detective #1
Gary Swanson was:
Rockets Redglare
Rockets Redglare was:
Candy Trabuco
Candy Trabuco was:
Nora York
Nora York was:
Roy Nathanson
Roy Nathanson was:
Michael Emil
Abu Bashati
Michael Emil was:
Emidio La Vella
Emidio La Vella was:
Christopher Durang
Ambulance Attendant
Christopher Durang was:
Daniel Davin
Daniel Davin was:
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