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Poster of Miraculous World: Shanghai – The Legend of Ladydragon

Miraculous World: Shanghai – The Legend of Ladydragon

Release Date: Saturday, May 15 2021 (1 year ago)
Portrait of Anouck HautboisAnouck Hautbois
Marinette / Ladybug (voice)
Anouck Hautbois was:
Portrait of Benjamin BollenBenjamin Bollen
Adrien Agreste / Cat Noir (voice)
Benjamin Bollen was:
Portrait of Geneviève DoangGeneviève Doang
Fei Wu / Ladydragon (voice)
Geneviève Doang was:
Portrait of Antoine ToméAntoine Tomé
Gabriel Agreste / Hawk Moth (voice)
Antoine Tomé was:
Portrait of Marie ChevalotMarie Chevalot
Nathalie Sancoeur / She She (voice)
Marie Chevalot was:
Portrait of Fanny BlocFanny Bloc
Alya Césaire (voice)
Fanny Bloc was:
Portrait of Thierry KazazianThierry Kazazian
Plagg (voice)
Thierry Kazazian was:
Portrait of Marie NonnenmacherMarie Nonnenmacher
Tikki / Juleka Couffaine (voice)
Marie Nonnenmacher was:
Portrait of Martial Le MinouxMartial Le Minoux
Nooroo / Tom Dupain / Max Kanté / Long Long (voice)
Martial Le Minoux was:
Portrait of Fily KeitaFily Keita
Tang Tang (voice)
Fily Keita was:
Portrait of Jessie LambotteJessie Lambotte
Mylène Haprèle / Rose Lavillant / Xiong Xiong (voice)
Jessie Lambotte was:
Portrait of Jérémy PrévostJérémy Prévost
Bastille / Hou Hou (voice)
Jérémy Prévost was:
Portrait of Bing YinBing Yin
Wang Cheng (voice)
Bing Yin was:
Portrait of Fabrice LelyonFabrice Lelyon
Cash / King Cash (voice)
Fabrice Lelyon was:
Portrait of Nicolas JustamonNicolas Justamon
Mei Shi / YanLuoShi (voice)
Nicolas Justamon was:
Portrait of Franck TordjmanFranck Tordjman
Ivan Bruel / Nathaniel Kurtzberg (voice)
Franck Tordjman was:
Portrait of Alexandre N'GuyenAlexandre N'Guyen
Nino Lahiffe / Kim (voice)
Alexandre N'Guyen was:
Portrait of Adeline ChetailAdeline Chetail
Alix Kubdel (voice)
Adeline Chetail was:
Portrait of Jessie LambotteJessie Lambotte
Sabine Cheng (voice)
Jessie Lambotte was:
Portrait of Anatole YunAnatole Yun
Lian (voice)
Anatole Yun was:
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