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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

A Song Is Born

A Song Is Born

Release Date: 1948-10-19 (72 years ago)
Danny Kaye
Professor Hobart Frisbee
Danny Kaye was:
Virginia Mayo
Honey Swanson
Virginia Mayo was:
Benny Goodman
Professor Magenbruch
Benny Goodman was:
Tommy Dorsey
Tommy Dorsey
Tommy Dorsey was:
Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong was:
Lionel Hampton
Lionel Hampton
Lionel Hampton was:
Charlie Barnet
Charlie Barnet
Charlie Barnet was:
Mel Powell
Mel Powell
Mel Powell was:
Ford Washington Lee
Ford Washington Lee was:
Samba Kings
The Samba Kings (as Russo and The Samba Kings)
Samba Kings was:
Hugh Herbert
Professor Twingle
Hugh Herbert was:
Steve Cochran
Tony Crow
Steve Cochran was:
J. Edward Bromberg
Dr. Elfini
J. Edward Bromberg was:
Felix Bressart
Professor Gerkikoff
Felix Bressart was:
Ludwig Stössel
Professor Traumer
Ludwig Stössel was:
O.Z. Whitehead
Professor Oddly
O.Z. Whitehead was:
Esther Dale
Miss Bragg
Esther Dale was:
Mary Field
Miss Totten
Mary Field was:
Howland Chamberlain
Mr. Setter
Howland Chamberlain was:
Paul Langton
Paul Langton was:
Sidney Blackmer
Sidney Blackmer was:
Ben Welden
Ben Welden was:
Ben Chasen
Ben Chasen was:
Peter Virgo
Peter Virgo was:
Harry Babasin
Harry Babasin was:
Louie Bellson
Louie Bellson was:
Alton Hendrickson
Alton Hendrickson was:
Sue George
Cigarette Girl (uncredited)
Sue George was:
Milicent Patrick
Woman at Dorsey Club (uncredited)
Milicent Patrick was:
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