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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Moonlight Mile

Moonlight Mile

Release Date: Monday, September 9 2002 (20 years ago)
Portrait of Dustin HoffmanDustin Hoffman
Ben Floss
Dustin Hoffman was:
Portrait of Susan SarandonSusan Sarandon
Jojo Floss
Susan Sarandon was:
Portrait of Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal
Joe Nast
Jake Gyllenhaal was:
Portrait of Alexia LandeauAlexia Landeau
Alexia Landeau was:
Portrait of Ellen PompeoEllen Pompeo
Bertie Knox
Ellen Pompeo was:
Portrait of Richard MessingRichard Messing
Richard Messing was:
Portrait of Lev FriedmanLev Friedman
Lev Friedman was:
Portrait of Bob ClendeninBob Clendenin
Server #1
Bob Clendenin was:
Portrait of Jim FyfeJim Fyfe
Server #2
Jim Fyfe was:
Portrait of Mary Ellen TrainorMary Ellen Trainor
Mrs. Meyerson
Mary Ellen Trainor was:
Portrait of Richard FancyRichard Fancy
Mr. Meyerson
Richard Fancy was:
Portrait of Marcia Mitzman GavenMarcia Mitzman Gaven
Fashion Plate
Marcia Mitzman Gaven was:
Portrait of Holly HunterHolly Hunter
Mona Camp
Holly Hunter was:
Portrait of Gordon ClappGordon Clapp
Gordon Clapp was:
Portrait of Dabney ColemanDabney Coleman
Mike Mulcahey
Dabney Coleman was:
Portrait of Colombe Jacobsen-DerstineColombe Jacobsen-Derstine
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine was:
Portrait of Allan CordunerAllan Corduner
Stan Michaels
Allan Corduner was:
Portrait of Careena MeliaCareena Melia
Diana Floss
Careena Melia was:
Portrait of Gary HetzlerGary Hetzler
Gary Hetzler was:
Portrait of Mary Catherine GarrisonMary Catherine Garrison
Mary Catherine Garrison was:
Portrait of Audrey Marie AndersonAudrey Marie Anderson
Audrey Anders
Audrey Marie Anderson was:
Portrait of Virginia NewcombVirginia Newcomb
Cheryl's Friend #2
Virginia Newcomb was:
Portrait of Elizabeth JanasElizabeth Janas
Cheryl's Friend #3
Elizabeth Janas was:
Portrait of Dee NelsonDee Nelson
Dee Nelson was:
Portrait of McNally SagalMcNally Sagal
Mrs. Tippet
McNally Sagal was:
Portrait of Roxanne HartRoxanne Hart
June Mulcahey
Roxanne Hart was:
Portrait of Lisa Anne HillmanLisa Anne Hillman
Jillian Mulcahey
Lisa Anne Hillman was:
Portrait of Rachel SingerRachel Singer
Rhonda Ketch
Rachel Singer was:
Portrait of Alexandra HoffmanAlexandra Hoffman
Diner Granddaughter
Alexandra Hoffman was:
Portrait of Richard T. JonesRichard T. Jones
Richard T. Jones was:
Portrait of Lenny ClarkeLenny Clarke
Lenny Clarke was:
Portrait of Robert WahlbergRobert Wahlberg
Robert Wahlberg was:
Portrait of Tom CareyTom Carey
Tom Carey was:
Portrait of Phil ReevesPhil Reeves
Mr. Don Tippet
Phil Reeves was:
Portrait of John BalmaJohn Balma
Walter Ketch
John Balma was:
Portrait of Tom DahlgrenTom Dahlgren
Tom Dahlgren was:
Portrait of Mark LotitoMark Lotito
Diner Manager
Mark Lotito was:
Portrait of Caitlin McKennaCaitlin McKenna
Bar Voice (voice)
Caitlin McKenna was:
Portrait of Jessica Gee-GeorgeJessica Gee-George
Bar Voice (voice)
Jessica Gee-George was:
Portrait of Paul PapePaul Pape
Bar Voice (voice)
Paul Pape was:
Portrait of Jillian ArmenanteJillian Armenante
Caterer (uncredited)
Jillian Armenante was:
Portrait of David WheelerDavid Wheeler
Diner Grandfather
David Wheeler was:
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