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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Boston Girls

Boston Girls

Release Date: 2010-01-01 (10 years ago)
Camille Solari
Camille Solari was:
Shay Astar
Shay Astar was:
Danny Trejo
Uncle Reggie
Danny Trejo was:
Jon Saphire
Darcy Fitzgerald
Jon Saphire was:
Robert Miano
Sargent Joseph Scotto
Robert Miano was:
Jonathan Doone
Patrick McCarthy
Jonathan Doone was:
Renée Taylor
Mrs. Palermo
Renée Taylor was:
Damien Di Paola
Bobby Caferelli
Damien Di Paola was:
Joy Somers
Joy Somers was:
Nic Novicki
Sal the plumber
Nic Novicki was:
Jim Cullity
Jim Cullity was:
Moksha McPherrin
Gloria McPhadden
Moksha McPherrin was:
Adamo Palladino
Chris O'Neil
Adamo Palladino was:
Brian Petrucelli
Vinnie Palermo
Brian Petrucelli was:
Jeannie Roshar
Jeannie Roshar was:
Kathleen Truitt
Kathleen Truitt was:
Noelle Lee Kaine
Noelle Lee Kaine was:
Josh Tessier
Ticker Petrucelli
Josh Tessier was:
Phil Frechette
Phil the Waiter
Phil Frechette was:
Eric Liebman
Danny Murphy
Eric Liebman was:
Lawson Welles
Frankie the Bartender
Lawson Welles was:
Kelly Ahearn
Female Cop
Kelly Ahearn was:
Rico Simonini
Nicky P
Rico Simonini was:
Gabriel Bologna
Handsome Man at Bar
Gabriel Bologna was:
Cheryl Cosenza
Anne Marie Potenza
Cheryl Cosenza was:
Nicole Trychon
Angry Girl at Bar
Nicole Trychon was:
Trenton Rogers
Trenton Rogers was:
Betsy Rosenbloom
Karen Fitzpatrick
Betsy Rosenbloom was:
William James Myers
William James Myers was:
McKay Stewart
Bystander #3
McKay Stewart was:
Malik Williams
Officer Mason
Malik Williams was:
Teri Fruichantie
News Girl
Teri Fruichantie was:
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