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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Man Inside

The Man Inside

Release Date: 1958-09-07 (62 years ago)
Jack Palance
Milo March
Jack Palance was:
Anita Ekberg
Trudie Hall
Anita Ekberg was:
Nigel Patrick
Sam Carter
Nigel Patrick was:
Anthony Newley
Anthony Newley was:
Bonar Colleano
Martin Lomer
Bonar Colleano was:
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly was:
Sid James
Sid James was:
Donald Pleasence
Organ Grinder
Donald Pleasence was:
Eric Pohlmann
Eric Pohlmann was:
Josephine Brown
Mrs. Frazur
Josephine Brown was:
Gerard Heinz
Gerard Heinz was:
Alec Mango
Alec Mango was:
Anne Aubrey
Girl on Train
Anne Aubrey was:
Mary Laura Wood
Mrs. Pritchard
Mary Laura Wood was:
Angela White
Pamela Pritchard
Angela White was:
Alfred Burke
Mr. Pritchard
Alfred Burke was:
Bill Shine
English Husband
Bill Shine was:
Joan Ingram
English Wife
Joan Ingram was:
Naomi Chance
Jane Leighton
Naomi Chance was:
Mark Baker
Mark Baker was:
Alex Gallier
Hotel Manager Lisbon
Alex Gallier was:
Walter Gotell
Walter Gotell was:
Richard Golding
Bar Head Waiter
Richard Golding was:
Maxwell Shaw
Desk Clerk Lisbon
Maxwell Shaw was:
Raymond Adamson
Police Inspector (uncredited)
Raymond Adamson was:
Paul Beradi
Bystander at Wrecked Car (uncredited)
Paul Beradi was:
Ernest Blyth
Man in Lisbon Hotel (uncredited)
Ernest Blyth was:
Jack Cunningham
Stone's Jailer (uncredited)
Jack Cunningham was:
Victor Harrington
Man in Madrid Hotel (uncredited)
Victor Harrington was:
Anthony John
Child (uncredited)
Anthony John was:
Humphrey Morton
Dapper Liile Man (uncredited)
Humphrey Morton was:
John Moulder-Brown
John Moulder-Brown was:
Derek Prentice
Aircraft Passenger (uncredited)
Derek Prentice was:
Anthony Richmond
Child (uncredited)
Anthony Richmond was:
Steven Scott
Policeman (uncredited)
Steven Scott was:
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