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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

In Search of the Castaways

In Search of the Castaways

Release Date: 1962-12-01 (57 years ago)
Maurice Chevalier
Jacques Paganel
Maurice Chevalier was:
Hayley Mills
Mary Grant
Hayley Mills was:
George Sanders
Thomas Ayerton
George Sanders was:
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Lord Glenarvan
Wilfrid Hyde-White was:
Michael Anderson Jr.
John Glenarvan
Michael Anderson Jr. was:
Antonio Cifariello
Indian Chief
Antonio Cifariello was:
Wilfrid Brambell
Bill Gaye
Wilfrid Brambell was:
Jack Gwillim
Captain Grant
Jack Gwillim was:
Ronald Fraser
Guard at Dockyard Gate
Ronald Fraser was:
Norman Bird
Senior Yacht Guard
Norman Bird was:
George Murcell
Ayerton's Assistant
George Murcell was:
Inia Te Wiata
Maori Chief
Inia Te Wiata was:
Mark Dignam
Rich man at Yacht party
Mark Dignam was:
David Spenser
South American Guide
David Spenser was:
Milo Sperber
Crooked sailor
Milo Sperber was:
Roger Delgado
Patagonian prisoner
Roger Delgado was:
Barry Keegan
Irish claimant
Barry Keegan was:
Maxwell Shaw
Maxwell Shaw was:
Andreas Malandrinos
Crooked sailor
Andreas Malandrinos was:
Keith Hamshere
Robert Grant
Keith Hamshere was:
Joss Ackland
Yacht Seaman
Joss Ackland was:
Michael Wynne
Crooked sailor
Michael Wynne was:
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