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Release Date: 1959-12-26 (60 years ago)
Charlton Heston
Judah Ben-Hur
Charlton Heston was:
Jack Hawkins
Quintus Arrius
Jack Hawkins was:
Haya Harareet
Haya Harareet was:
Stephen Boyd
Stephen Boyd was:
Hugh Griffith
Scheich Ildirim
Hugh Griffith was:
Martha Scott
Martha Scott was:
Cathy O'Donnell
Cathy O'Donnell was:
Frank Thring
Pontius Pilatus
Frank Thring was:
Sam Jaffe
Sam Jaffe was:
Ady Berber
Ady Berber was:
Finlay Currie
Finlay Currie was:
André Morell
André Morell was:
Terence Longdon
Terence Longdon was:
Lando Buzzanca
Jewish Slave in the Desert (uncredited)
Lando Buzzanca was:
Giuliano Gemma
Roman Officer with Messala (uncredited)
Giuliano Gemma was:
Marina Berti
Flavia (uncredited)
Marina Berti was:
Robert Brown
Chief of Rowers (uncredited)
Robert Brown was:
Liana Del Balzo
Guest at Banquet (uncredited)
Liana Del Balzo was:
Enzo Fiermonte
Galley Officer (uncredited)
Enzo Fiermonte was:
Richard Hale
Gaspar (uncredited)
Richard Hale was:
Duncan Lamont
Marius (uncredited)
Duncan Lamont was:
John Le Mesurier
Doctor (uncredited)
John Le Mesurier was:
Ferdy Mayne
Captain of Rescue Ship (uncredited)
Ferdy Mayne was:
May McAvoy
Woman in crowd (uncredited)
May McAvoy was:
Aldo Silvani
Man in Nazareth (uncredited)
Aldo Silvani was:
Ralph Truman
Aide to Tiberius (uncredited)
Ralph Truman was:
George Relph
Tiberius Caesar
George Relph was:
Claude Heater
Claude Heater was:
Joe Canutt
Sportsman (uncredited)
Joe Canutt was:
Richard Coleman
Metellus (uncredited)
Richard Coleman was:
Antonio Corevi
Senator (uncredited)
Antonio Corevi was:
David Davies
Quaestor (uncredited)
David Davies was:
Mino Doro
Gratus (uncredited)
Mino Doro was:
Michael Dugan
Seaman (uncredited)
Michael Dugan was:
Franco Fantasia
Roman Soldier Who Brings Crown to Gratus (uncredited)
Franco Fantasia was:
José Greci
Mary (uncredited)
José Greci was:
John Horsley
Spintho (uncredited)
John Horsley was:
Howard Lang
Hortator (uncredited)
Howard Lang was:
Stevenson Lang
Blind Man (uncredited)
Stevenson Lang was:
Tutte Lemkow
Leper (uncredited)
Tutte Lemkow was:
Cliff Lyons
The Lubian (uncredited)
Cliff Lyons was:
Tiberio Mitri
Roman at Bath (uncredited)
Tiberio Mitri was:
Remington Olmsted
Decurian (uncredited)
Remington Olmsted was:
Laurence Payne
Joseph (uncredited)
Laurence Payne was:
Aldo Pini
Bad Thief on Cross (uncredited)
Aldo Pini was:
Diego Pozzetto
Villager (uncredited)
Diego Pozzetto was:
Stella Rho
Amrah (uncredited)
Stella Rho was:
Edwin Richfield
Supplier to Leper Colony (uncredited)
Edwin Richfield was:
Hector Ross
Officer (uncredited)
Hector Ross was:
Maxwell Shaw
Rower No. 43 (uncredited)
Maxwell Shaw was:
Gianni Solaro
Galley Officer (uncredited)
Gianni Solaro was:
Pietro Tordi
Pilate's Servant (uncredited)
Pietro Tordi was:
Raimondo Van Riel
Old Man (uncredited)
Raimondo Van Riel was:
Dervis Ward
Jailer (uncredited)
Dervis Ward was:
Joe Yrigoyen
The Egyptian - Chariot Racer (uncredited)
Joe Yrigoyen was:
Nazzareno Zamperla
Roman Soldier with a Bow on Galley (uncredited)
Nazzareno Zamperla was:
Jerry Brown
The Corinthian (uncredited)
Jerry Brown was:
Eddie Jauregui
The Athenian (uncredited)
Eddie Jauregui was:
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