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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Undercover Girl

Undercover Girl

Release Date: 1950-11-02 (70 years ago)
Alexis Smith
Christine Miller
Alexis Smith was:
Scott Brady
Lt. Michael Trent
Scott Brady was:
Richard Egan
Jess Faylen
Richard Egan was:
Gladys George
Liz Crow
Gladys George was:
Edmon Ryan
Doc Holmes
Edmon Ryan was:
Gerald Mohr
Reed Menig
Gerald Mohr was:
Royal Dano
The Moocher
Royal Dano was:
Harry Landers
Harry Landers was:
Connie Gilchrist
Capt. Sadie Parker
Connie Gilchrist was:
Angela Clarke
Babe Snell
Angela Clarke was:
Regis Toomey
Hank Miller
Regis Toomey was:
Lynn Ainley
Pat Gibson
Lynn Ainley was:
Tris Coffin
Tris Coffin was:
Lawrence Cregar
Lawrence Cregar was:
Harold Gary
Harold Gary was:
Edwin Rand
Lew (as Ed Rand)
Edwin Rand was:
Mel Archer
Mel Archer was:
Betty Lou Gerson
Betty Lou Gerson was:
Lee Richards
Lee Richards was:
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor was:
Howard Banks
Howard Banks was:
Johnny Carpenter
Police Inspector
Johnny Carpenter was:
Mary Alan Hokanson
Mary Alan Hokanson was:
Maurice Jara
Maurice Jara was:
Donald Kerr
Cab Driver
Donald Kerr was:
Perc Launders
Police Sergeant
Perc Launders was:
Ralph Montgomery
Desk Clerk
Ralph Montgomery was:
James Pierce
Lt. Kirby
James Pierce was:
Shimen Ruskin
Shimen Ruskin was:
Carl Saxe
Carl Saxe was:
Brick Sullivan
Brick Sullivan was:
Edward Tierney
Edward Tierney was:
Jean Vachon
Mrs. Louis
Jean Vachon was:
Lucio Villegas
Lucio Villegas was:
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