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Release Date: 1956-11-24 (64 years ago)
Elizabeth Taylor
Leslie Lynnton Benedict
Elizabeth Taylor was:
Rock Hudson
Jordan "Bick" Benedict Jr.
Rock Hudson was:
James Dean
Jett Rink
James Dean was:
Carroll Baker
Luz Benedict II
Carroll Baker was:
Jane Withers
Vashti Synthe
Jane Withers was:
Chill Wills
Uncle Bawley
Chill Wills was:
Mercedes McCambridge
Luz Benedict
Mercedes McCambridge was:
Dennis Hopper
Jordan "Jordy" Benedict III
Dennis Hopper was:
Sal Mineo
Angel Obregón II
Sal Mineo was:
Rod Taylor
Sir David Karfrey
Rod Taylor was:
Judith Evelyn
Mrs. Nancy Lynnton
Judith Evelyn was:
Earl Holliman
'Bob' Dace
Earl Holliman was:
Robert Nichols
Mort 'Pinky' Snythe
Robert Nichols was:
Paul Fix
Dr. Horace Lynnton
Paul Fix was:
Alexander Scourby
Old Polo
Alexander Scourby was:
Charles Watts
Judge Oliver Whiteside
Charles Watts was:
Elsa Cárdenas
Juana Guerra Benedict
Elsa Cárdenas was:
Carolyn Craig
Lacey Lynnton
Carolyn Craig was:
Monte Hale
Bale Clinch
Monte Hale was:
Sheb Wooley
Gabe Target
Sheb Wooley was:
Mary Ann Edwards
Adarene Clinch
Mary Ann Edwards was:
Victor Millan
Angel Obregón Sr.
Victor Millan was:
Mickey Simpson
Mickey Simpson was:
Pilar Del Rey
Mrs. Obregón
Pilar Del Rey was:
Maurice Jara
Dr. Guerra
Maurice Jara was:
Noreen Nash
Lona Lane
Noreen Nash was:
Ray Whitley
Ray Whitley was:
Napoleon Whiting
Jefferson Swazey
Napoleon Whiting was:
Fran Bennett
Judy Benedict
Fran Bennett was:
Elsa Aguirre
Minor Role (uncredited)
Elsa Aguirre was:
Barbara Barrie
Mary Lou Decker (uncredited)
Barbara Barrie was:
Bert Stevens
Wedding Guest
Bert Stevens was:
Bess Flowers
Guest at Jeff Rink's Banquet
Bess Flowers was:
Harold Miller
Wedding Guest
Harold Miller was:
Claudia Bryar
Older Beauty Operator (uncredited)
Claudia Bryar was:
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