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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Son of Dr. Jekyll

The Son of Dr. Jekyll

Release Date: 1951-10-31 (69 years ago)
Louis Hayward
Edward Jekyll / Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Hyde
Louis Hayward was:
Jody Lawrance
Lynn Utterson
Jody Lawrance was:
Alexander Knox
Dr. Curtis Lanyon
Alexander Knox was:
Lester Matthews
Sir John Utterson
Lester Matthews was:
Gavin Muir
Editor Richard Daniels
Gavin Muir was:
Paul Cavanagh
Inspector Stoddard
Paul Cavanagh was:
Rhys Williams
Michaels, Butler
Rhys Williams was:
Victor Adamson
Coachman (Uncredited)
Victor Adamson was:
Patrick Aherne
Tenement Landlord (Uncredited)
Patrick Aherne was:
Matthew Boulton
Inspector Grey (Uncredited)
Matthew Boulton was:
Hamilton Camp
William Bennett (Uncredited)
Hamilton Camp was:
Claire Carleton
Hazel Sorelle (Uncredited)
Claire Carleton was:
Patrick O'Moore
Joe Sorelle (Uncredited)
Patrick O'Moore was:
Doris Lloyd
Lottie Sorelle (Uncredited)
Doris Lloyd was:
Wheaton Chambers
Magistrate (Uncredited)
Wheaton Chambers was:
David Cole
Copy Boy (Uncredited)
David Cole was:
Alec Harford
Clerk (Uncredited)
Alec Harford was:
Robin Hughes
Alec (Uncredited)
Robin Hughes was:
Olaf Hytten
Prosecutor (Uncredited)
Olaf Hytten was:
Joyce Jameson
Barmaid (Uncredited)
Joyce Jameson was:
Stapleton Kent
Mr. Arnim (Uncredited)
Stapleton Kent was:
Bruce Lester
Daniels' Reporter (Uncredited)
Bruce Lester was:
Leonard Mudie
Pharmacist (Uncredited)
Leonard Mudie was:
Vesey O'Davoren
Utterson's Butler (Uncredited)
Vesey O'Davoren was:
Harry Martin
Detective (Uncredited)
Harry Martin was:
Holmes Herbert
Constable (Uncredited)
Holmes Herbert was:
Leslie Denison
Constable (Uncredited)
Leslie Denison was:
Keith Hitchcock
Constable (Uncredited)
Keith Hitchcock was:
James Logan
Constable (Uncredited)
James Logan was:
Guy Kingsford
Nurse (Uncredited)
Guy Kingsford was:
Ottola Nesmith
Nurse (Uncredited)
Ottola Nesmith was:
David Dunbar
Man in a Bar (Uncredited)
David Dunbar was:
Frank Hagney
Man in a Bar (Uncredited)
Frank Hagney was:
Phyllis Morris
Tea Woman (Uncredited)
Phyllis Morris was:
Betty Fairfax
Woman in Window (Uncredited)
Betty Fairfax was:
Ida MacGill
Woman (Uncredited)
Ida MacGill was:
Ola Lorraine
Woman (Uncredited)
Ola Lorraine was:
Carol Savage
Woman (Uncredited)
Carol Savage was:
Benita Booth
Woman (Uncredited)
Benita Booth was:
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