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The Brighton Strangler

The Brighton Strangler

Release Date: 1945-05-10 (76 years ago)
John Loder
Reginald Parker / Edward Grey
John Loder was:
June Duprez
April Manby Carson
June Duprez was:
Michael St. Angel
Lieutenant Bob Carson
Michael St. Angel was:
Miles Mander
Chief Inspector W.R. Allison
Miles Mander was:
Rose Hobart
Dorothy Kent
Rose Hobart was:
Gilbert Emery
Dr. Manby
Gilbert Emery was:
Rex Evans
Leslie Shelton
Rex Evans was:
Matthew Boulton
Inspector Graham
Matthew Boulton was:
Olaf Hytten
Olaf Hytten was:
Lydia Bilbrook
Mrs. Manby
Lydia Bilbrook was:
Ian Wolfe
Lord Mayor Herman Brandon R. Clive
Ian Wolfe was:
Milton Owen
Inspector (Uncredited)
Milton Owen was:
Norman Ainsley
First Passenger (Uncredited)
Norman Ainsley was:
George Atkinson
Bellboy (Uncredited)
George Atkinson was:
Frank Baker
Inspector (Uncredited)
Frank Baker was:
Frank Benson
Bellboy (Uncredited)
Frank Benson was:
Lillian Bronson
Hotel Maid (Uncredited)
Lillian Bronson was:
George Broughton
Bellboy (Uncredited)
George Broughton was:
Tom Burton
Policeman (Uncredited)
Tom Burton was:
Wheaton Chambers
Clerk (Uncredited)
Wheaton Chambers was:
Robin Sanders Clark
English Pilot (Uncredited)
Robin Sanders Clark was:
Harry Clay
Pilot (Uncredited)
Harry Clay was:
Robert Cory
Chauffeur (Uncredited)
Robert Cory was:
Alec Craig
Vacuuming Bellboy (Uncredited)
Alec Craig was:
Victor Cutler
Pilot (Uncredited)
Victor Cutler was:
Herbert Evans
Manby's Butler (Uncredited)
Herbert Evans was:
Ellen George Ferguson
Mrs. Shackleton (Uncredited)
Ellen George Ferguson was:
Sherry Hall
Hotel Desk Clerk (Uncredited)
Sherry Hall was:
Alec Harford
Ticket Clerk (Uncredited)
Alec Harford was:
Joy Harington
London Waitress (Uncredited)
Joy Harington was:
Lilyan Irene
Emily (Uncredited)
Lilyan Irene was:
Colin Kenny
Inspector (Uncredited)
Colin Kenny was:
Connie Leon
Mrs. Clive (Uncredited)
Connie Leon was:
Stanley Mann
Inspector (Uncredited)
Stanley Mann was:
Audrey Manners
Cashier (Uncredited)
Audrey Manners was:
Frank Mayo
Policeman (Uncredited)
Frank Mayo was:
Tom McGuire
Barman (Uncredited)
Tom McGuire was:
Mary McLeod
Pamela (Uncredited)
Mary McLeod was:
Gavin Muir
Captain Perry (Uncredited)
Gavin Muir was:
Joseph North
Second Passenger (Uncredited)
Joseph North was:
Robert R. Stephenson
Inspector (Uncredited)
Robert R. Stephenson was:
Doris Stone
Dorothy's Maid (Uncredited)
Doris Stone was:
Gus Taillon
Newsie (Uncredited)
Gus Taillon was:
David Thursby
Fireman (Uncredited)
David Thursby was:
Alan Ward
Policeman (Uncredited)
Alan Ward was:
Eric Wilton
Luggage Clerk (Uncredited)
Eric Wilton was:
Steve Winston
Policeman (Uncredited)
Steve Winston was:
Florence Wix
Mrs. Kent (Uncredited)
Florence Wix was:
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