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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Mystery Sea Raider

Mystery Sea Raider

Release Date: 1940-10-26 (80 years ago)
Carole Landis
June McCarthy
Carole Landis was:
Henry Wilcoxon
Captain Jimmy Madden
Henry Wilcoxon was:
Onslow Stevens
Carl Cutler
Onslow Stevens was:
Kathleen Howard
Maggie Clancy
Kathleen Howard was:
Wally Rairden
Blake, 3rd Mate
Wally Rairden was:
Sven Hugo Borg
Sven Hugo Borg was:
Henry Victor
Cmdr. Bulow
Henry Victor was:
Roland Varno
Lt. Schmidt
Roland Varno was:
Louis Adlon
Louis Adlon was:
Willy Kaufman
Lt. Felder
Willy Kaufman was:
Monte Blue
Captain Norberg
Monte Blue was:
Matthew Boulton
Captain Howard
Matthew Boulton was:
Gohr Van Vleck
Captain Van Wyck
Gohr Van Vleck was:
Jean Del Val
Captain Benoit
Jean Del Val was:
Kay Linaker
Flossie La Mare
Kay Linaker was:
Reed Howes
Hughes, Carl's Chauffeur
Reed Howes was:
Phil Warren
Sparks, Radio Operator
Phil Warren was:
Kurt Kreuger
Franz, German Seaman
Kurt Kreuger was:
Jack Roberts
Jack, American Seaman
Jack Roberts was:
Eric Alden
August - German Seaman
Eric Alden was:
Harry A. Bailey
Sugar Daddy
Harry A. Bailey was:
Holger Bendixen
Wilheim, German Seaman
Holger Bendixen was:
Edwin Brian
Edwin Brian was:
Jess Lee Brooks
Second Fisherman
Jess Lee Brooks was:
Willy Castello
Radio Operator
Willy Castello was:
David Cavendish
Gunnery Officer
David Cavendish was:
Jack Chapin
Jack Chapin was:
Worth Crouch
Worth Crouch was:
Sidney D'Albrook
Man on Wharf
Sidney D'Albrook was:
Albert D'Arno
Submarine Commander
Albert D'Arno was:
Harry Depp
Mousey Little Man
Harry Depp was:
Vernon Downing
Vernon Downing was:
Roland Drew
Navigating Officer
Roland Drew was:
Charles Flynn
Heinrich, German Seaman
Charles Flynn was:
Hans Fuerberg
Radio Man
Hans Fuerberg was:
Douglas Grant
Hans, German Seaman
Douglas Grant was:
Donald Grayson
Ernst, German Seaman
Donald Grayson was:
Edward Groag
Herman, German Seaman
Edward Groag was:
Chuck Hamilton
Man on Wharf
Chuck Hamilton was:
Darryl Hickman
Darryl Hickman was:
Leyland Hodgson
Leyland Hodgson was:
John Indrisano
John Indrisano was:
Larry Lawson
Larry, American Seaman
Larry Lawson was:
George Magrill
Man on Wharf
George Magrill was:
Wally Maher
Wally Maher was:
Anthony Marsh
Radio Operator on the Aleria
Anthony Marsh was:
Wanda McKay
Wanda McKay was:
Thomas Mizer
German Officer
Thomas Mizer was:
Norma Gene Nelson
Norma Gene Nelson was:
Otto Reichow
Siegfried, German Seaman
Otto Reichow was:
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
Submarine Captain
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink was:
Hans Schumm
Hans Schumm was:
Rudolf Steinboeck
Nick, German Seaman
Rudolf Steinboeck was:
Ben Taggart
Ben Taggart was:
Sigfrid Tor
Albert, German Seaman
Sigfrid Tor was:
Nicholas Vehr
Adolph, German Seaman
Nicholas Vehr was:
Emmett Vogan
Emmett Vogan was:
Chester Walker
Karl, German Seaman
Chester Walker was:
Pierre Watkin
Pierre Watkin was:
Ernest Whitman
First Fisherman
Ernest Whitman was:
Leonard Willey
British Cruiser Captain
Leonard Willey was:
Dick Winslow
Dick Winslow was:
Philip Winter
Philip Winter was:
Tom Wintle
Man on Wharf
Tom Wintle was:
Henry Zynda
Submarine Commander
Henry Zynda was:
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