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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Lord Jeff

Lord Jeff

Release Date: 1938-06-17 (83 years ago)
Freddie Bartholomew
Geoffrey Braemer
Freddie Bartholomew was:
Mickey Rooney
Terry O'Mulvaney
Mickey Rooney was:
Charles Coburn
Captain Briggs
Charles Coburn was:
Herbert Mundin
Bosun 'Crusty' Jelks
Herbert Mundin was:
Terry Kilburn
Albert Baker
Terry Kilburn was:
Gale Sondergaard
Doris Clandon
Gale Sondergaard was:
Peter Lawford
Benny Potter
Peter Lawford was:
John Burton
John Cartwright
John Burton was:
Walter Tetley
Tommy Thrums
Walter Tetley was:
Peter Ellis
Ned Saunders
Peter Ellis was:
George Zucco
James 'Jim' Hampstead
George Zucco was:
Matthew Boulton
Inspector Scott
Matthew Boulton was:
Emma Dunn
Mrs. Briggs
Emma Dunn was:
Monty Woolley
Monty Woolley was:
Gilbert Emery
Gilbert Emery was:
Charles Irwin
Mr. Burke
Charles Irwin was:
Walter Kingsford
Walter Kingsford was:
David Thursby
Milk Cart Driver
David Thursby was:
Norman Ainsley
Assistant Purser
Norman Ainsley was:
Frank Baker
Frank Baker was:
Wilson Benge
Wilson Benge was:
Lionel Braham
Lionel Braham was:
Dick Chandlee
Dick Chandlee was:
Charles Coleman
Hotel Desk Clerk
Charles Coleman was:
Alec Craig
Alec Craig was:
Jack Deery
Jack Deery was:
Johnny Douglas
Lift Boy
Johnny Douglas was:
Vernon Downing
Lift Boy
Vernon Downing was:
Rex Evans
Hotel Doorman
Rex Evans was:
Helena Grant
Woman Magistrate
Helena Grant was:
Ramsay Hill
Jewelry Clerk
Ramsay Hill was:
Keith Hitchcock
Transportation Clerk
Keith Hitchcock was:
Tommy Hughes
Page Boy
Tommy Hughes was:
Olaf Hytten
Olaf Hytten was:
P.J. Kelly
P.J. Kelly was:
Richard Lancaster
Host of Party
Richard Lancaster was:
Doris Lloyd
Hostess of Party
Doris Lloyd was:
Dan Maxwell
Dan Maxwell was:
Lon McCallister
Lon McCallister was:
Vesey O'Davoren
Queen Mary Steward
Vesey O'Davoren was:
C. Montague Shaw
C. Montague Shaw was:
Evan Thomas
Captain Wilson
Evan Thomas was:
Clare Verdera
Clare Verdera was:
Eric Wilton
Bosun's Mate
Eric Wilton was:
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