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Release Date: 1948-12-25 (72 years ago)
David Niven
Roland "Rollo" Dane
David Niven was:
Teresa Wright
Lark Ingoldsby
Teresa Wright was:
Jayne Meadows
Selina Dane
Jayne Meadows was:
Evelyn Keyes
Grizel Dane
Evelyn Keyes was:
Farley Granger
Pax Masterson
Farley Granger was:
Leo G. Carroll
Leo G. Carroll was:
Philip Friend
Pelham Dane
Philip Friend was:
Shepperd Strudwick
Marchese Del Laudi
Shepperd Strudwick was:
Henry Stephenson
General Fitzgerald
Henry Stephenson was:
Colin Keith-Johnston
The Eye
Colin Keith-Johnston was:
Gigi Perreau
Lark as a Child
Gigi Perreau was:
Peter Miles
Rollo as a Child
Peter Miles was:
Sherlee Collier
Selina as a Child
Sherlee Collier was:
Warwick Gregson
Pelham as a Child
Warwick Gregson was:
Marjorie Rhodes
Mrs. Sampson
Marjorie Rhodes was:
Edmund Breon
Uncle Bunny
Edmund Breon was:
Gerald Oliver Smith
Gerald Oliver Smith was:
Melville Cooper
Melville Cooper was:
Dennis McCarthy
Lance Corporal
Dennis McCarthy was:
Steve Pendleton
RAF Officer
Steve Pendleton was:
Matthew Boulton
Air Raid Warden
Matthew Boulton was:
Robin Hughes
Robin Hughes was:
William Johnstone
Narrator (voice)
William Johnstone was:
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