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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge

Release Date: 1937-12-16 (83 years ago)
John Barrymore
Col. J.A. Nielson
John Barrymore was:
John Howard
Capt. Hugh Chesterton 'Bulldog' Drummond
John Howard was:
Louise Campbell
Phyllis Clavering
Louise Campbell was:
Reginald Denny
Algy Longworth
Reginald Denny was:
E. E. Clive
'Tenny' Tennison
E. E. Clive was:
Frank Puglia
Draven Nogais
Frank Puglia was:
Nydia Westman
Gwen Longworth
Nydia Westman was:
Robert Gleckler
Robert Gleckler was:
Lucien Littlefield
Mr. Smith
Lucien Littlefield was:
John Sutton
Nielson's Secretary
John Sutton was:
Miki Morita
Sumio Kanda
Miki Morita was:
Brooks Benedict
Smith Tredgold
Brooks Benedict was:
Matthew Boulton
Sir John Haxton
Matthew Boulton was:
Colin Kenny
Colin Kenny was:
Benny Bartlett
Cabin Boy
Benny Bartlett was:
Sidney Bracey
Sidney Bracey was:
Winter Hall
Ship Captain
Winter Hall was:
Brick Sullivan
Ship Officer
Brick Sullivan was:
Arthur Stuart Hull
Arthur Stuart Hull was:
Phillips Smalley
Phillips Smalley was:
Jimmy Aubrey
Railroad Porter
Jimmy Aubrey was:
Harold Entwistle
Older Railroad Conductor
Harold Entwistle was:
Gerald Rogers
Younger Railroad Conductor
Gerald Rogers was:
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