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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bulldog Drummond's Peril

Bulldog Drummond's Peril

Release Date: 1938-03-18 (83 years ago)
John Barrymore
Colonel Neilson
John Barrymore was:
John Howard
Captain Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond
John Howard was:
Louise Campbell
Phyllis Clavering
Louise Campbell was:
Reginald Denny
Algy Longworth
Reginald Denny was:
E. E. Clive
E. E. Clive was:
Porter Hall
Dr. Botulian
Porter Hall was:
Elizabeth Patterson
Aunt Blanche
Elizabeth Patterson was:
Nydia Westman
Gwen Longworth
Nydia Westman was:
Halliwell Hobbes
Prof. Bernard Goodman
Halliwell Hobbes was:
Matthew Boulton
Sir Raymond Blantyre
Matthew Boulton was:
Zeffie Tilbury
Mrs. Weevens
Zeffie Tilbury was:
David Clyde
Constable McThane
David Clyde was:
Clyde Cook
Constable Sacker
Clyde Cook was:
Austin Fairman
Austin Fairman was:
Michael Brooke
Anthony Greer
Michael Brooke was:
Georgette Rhodes
Georgette Rhodes was:
Gregory Gaye
Gregory Gaye was:
Jimmy Aubrey
Jimmy Aubrey was:
Frank Baker
Constable Announcer
Frank Baker was:
Frank Benson
Frank Benson was:
William Haade
Botulian's Driver
William Haade was:
Forrester Harvey
Bus Garage Man
Forrester Harvey was:
Andre Marsaudon
Andre Marsaudon was:
Torben Meyer
Torben Meyer was:
Albert Petit
Train Official
Albert Petit was:
Albert Pollet
Radio Dispatcher
Albert Pollet was:
John Sutton
John Sutton was:
Maude Fealy
Maude Fealy was:
Margaret Fealy
Margaret Fealy was:
Peter Bronte
Peter Bronte was:
Charles De Ravenne
Charles De Ravenne was:
James P. Burtis
James P. Burtis was:
Evan Thomas
Evan Thomas was:
David Dunbar
David Dunbar was:
Douglas Gordon
Douglas Gordon was:
Pat X. Kerry
First Expressman
Pat X. Kerry was:
David Thursby
Second Expressman
David Thursby was:
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