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Above Suspicion

Above Suspicion

Release Date: 1943-05-31 (78 years ago)
Joan Crawford
Frances Myles
Joan Crawford was:
Fred MacMurray
Richard Myles
Fred MacMurray was:
Conrad Veidt
Hassert Seidel
Conrad Veidt was:
Basil Rathbone
Sig von Aschenhausen
Basil Rathbone was:
Reginald Owen
Dr. Mespelbrunn
Reginald Owen was:
Richard Ainley
Peter Galt
Richard Ainley was:
Cecil Cunningham
Cecil Cunningham was:
Ann Shoemaker
Aunt Ellen
Ann Shoemaker was:
Sara Haden
Aunt Hattie
Sara Haden was:
Felix Bressart
Mr. A. Werner
Felix Bressart was:
Bruce Lester
Bruce Lester was:
Johanna Hofer
Frau Kleist
Johanna Hofer was:
Lotte Palfi Andor
Lotte Palfi Andor was:
George Aldwin
Student (Uncredited)
George Aldwin was:
Edit Angold
German Woman (Uncredited)
Edit Angold was:
Frank Arnold
Poet at Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Frank Arnold was:
Felix Basch
Guide (Uncredited)
Felix Basch was:
Frederick Bauer
German Boy (Uncredited)
Frederick Bauer was:
Eumenio Blanco
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Eumenio Blanco was:
Walter Bonn
German Guard (Uncredited)
Walter Bonn was:
Sven Hugo Borg
German Guard (Uncredited)
Sven Hugo Borg was:
Nina Borget
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Nina Borget was:
Matthew Boulton
Constable Jones (Uncredited)
Matthew Boulton was:
Helen Boyce
Fat Dowager Dancing with Hassert (Uncredited)
Helen Boyce was:
Frank Brand
German Boy (Uncredited)
Frank Brand was:
Egon Brecher
Gestapo Official (Uncredited)
Egon Brecher was:
Anthony Caruso
Italian Border Sentry (Uncredited)
Anthony Caruso was:
André Charlot
Paris Cafe Manager (Uncredited)
André Charlot was:
Sonia Charsky
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Sonia Charsky was:
Jack Chefe
Paris Cloakroom Attendant (Uncredited)
Jack Chefe was:
Yvonne Chenal
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Yvonne Chenal was:
Michael Chudley
Student (Uncredited)
Michael Chudley was:
Marcelle Corday
Paris Hotel Maid (Uncredited)
Marcelle Corday was:
Jules Cowles
Man in Museum (Uncredited)
Jules Cowles was:
Julius Cramer
Gestapo Officer in Schultz's Laboratory (Uncredited)
Julius Cramer was:
Antonio D'Amore
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Antonio D'Amore was:
Albert D'Arno
Gestapo Officer (Uncredited)
Albert D'Arno was:
Jacob Dance
Gestapo Soldier (Uncredited)
Jacob Dance was:
Seraphime Davidoff
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Seraphime Davidoff was:
George Davis
Proprietor (Uncredited)
George Davis was:
William 'Wee Willie' Davis
Hans (Uncredited)
William 'Wee Willie' Davis was:
Charles De Ravenne
Chasseur (Uncredited)
Charles De Ravenne was:
Ray De Ravenne
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Ray De Ravenne was:
Joseph DeVillard
Italian Sentry (Uncredited)
Joseph DeVillard was:
Ludwig Donath
Gestapo Officer in Schultz's Laboratory (Uncredited)
Ludwig Donath was:
Arthur Dulac
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Arthur Dulac was:
Gretl Dupont
Barmaid (Uncredited)
Gretl Dupont was:
Hans Fuerberg
Gestapo Officer (Uncredited)
Hans Fuerberg was:
Steven Geray
Anton the Woodcarver (Uncredited)
Steven Geray was:
Frederick Giermann
German Border Guard (Uncredited)
Frederick Giermann was:
George Glagori
Gestapo Chief (Uncredited)
George Glagori was:
Henry Glynn
Chauffeur (Uncredited)
Henry Glynn was:
Albert Godderis
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Albert Godderis was:
Lisa Golm
Frau Schultz (Uncredited)
Lisa Golm was:
Henry Guttman
Gestapo Officer (Uncredited)
Henry Guttman was:
Barry Heenan
Student (Uncredited)
Barry Heenan was:
Harold Hensen
Student (Uncredited)
Harold Hensen was:
Isabel La Mal
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Isabel La Mal was:
Frank Lackteen
Arab Vendor in Paris (Uncredited)
Frank Lackteen was:
Peter Lawford
Student (Uncredited)
Peter Lawford was:
David Lennox
Student (Uncredited)
David Lennox was:
Adolf E. Licho
Museum Guide (Uncredited)
Adolf E. Licho was:
Eily Malyon
Walmer Hotel Proprietess (Uncredited)
Eily Malyon was:
Sam McCullough
Student (Uncredited)
Sam McCullough was:
Frank McLure
Spectator at Museum (Uncredited)
Frank McLure was:
Chris Marie Meeker
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Chris Marie Meeker was:
Edwin Mills
Student (Uncredited)
Edwin Mills was:
Sandra Morgan
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Sandra Morgan was:
Steven Muller
German Boy (Uncredited)
Steven Muller was:
Clive Murdock
Student (Uncredited)
Clive Murdock was:
Kurt Neumann
Gestapo Man (Uncredited)
Kurt Neumann was:
Barry Norton
German Cafe Patron (Uncredited)
Barry Norton was:
Cliffe Oland
Student (Uncredited)
Cliffe Oland was:
Alex Papana
Man in Paris (Uncredited)
Alex Papana was:
Manuel París
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Manuel París was:
Albert Petit
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Albert Petit was:
Nita Pike
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Nita Pike was:
Jean Prescott
English Girl (Uncredited)
Jean Prescott was:
Horace Pressel
Student (Uncredited)
Horace Pressel was:
Frank Reicher
Colonel Gerold (Uncredited)
Frank Reicher was:
Otto Reichow
Gestapo Officer in Opera Box (Uncredited)
Otto Reichow was:
John Rice
Gestapo Officer (Uncredited)
John Rice was:
Lionel Royce
Officer at Border (Uncredited)
Lionel Royce was:
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
Gestapo Officer in Opera Box (Uncredited)
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink was:
Hans Schumm
Dreikirchen Guard (Uncredited)
Hans Schumm was:
Peter Seal
Colonel Gerold's Aide (Uncredited)
Peter Seal was:
Irene Seidner
German Woman (Uncredited)
Irene Seidner was:
Arthur Shields
Walmer Hotel Porter (Uncredited)
Arthur Shields was:
Ivan F. Simpson
Porter in Oxford (Uncredited)
Ivan F. Simpson was:
Walter O. Stahl
Policeman (Uncredited)
Walter O. Stahl was:
Robert R. Stephenson
Gestapo Officer in Opera Box (Uncredited)
Robert R. Stephenson was:
Ludwig Stössel
Herr Schultz the Innsbruck Forger (Uncredited)
Ludwig Stössel was:
Heather Thatcher
English Girl Dancing with Richard (Uncredited)
Heather Thatcher was:
Albano Valerio
Patron in Frisky Rabbit (Uncredited)
Albano Valerio was:
Lisl Valetti
Nazi Girl (Uncredited)
Lisl Valetti was:
John Van Eyck
Gestapo Officer in Bookstore (Uncredited)
John Van Eyck was:
Philip Van Zandt
Aschenhausen Henchman Kurt (Uncredited)
Philip Van Zandt was:
Nicholas Vehr
Colonel Gerold's Aide (Uncredited)
Nicholas Vehr was:
Ernö Verebes
Gestapo Officer (Uncredited)
Ernö Verebes was:
Henry Victor
German Office (Uncredited)
Henry Victor was:
Hans von Morhart
Schmidt the Dreikirchen Guard (Uncredited)
Hans von Morhart was:
Leonard Walker
Symphony Conductor (Uncredited)
Leonard Walker was:
Paul Weigel
Elderly Man (Uncredited)
Paul Weigel was:
Gisela Werbisek
Woman at Kleist's Hotel (Uncredited)
Gisela Werbisek was:
Max Willenz
Waiter (Uncredited)
Max Willenz was:
Rex Williams
Gestapo Leader (Uncredited)
Rex Williams was:
Hans Wollenberger
Cook (Uncredited)
Hans Wollenberger was:
William Yetter Sr.
German Captain at Italian Border (Uncredited)
William Yetter Sr. was:
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