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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Agramon's Gate

Agramon's Gate

Release Date: Saturday, April 27 2019 (3 years ago)
Portrait of Laurene LandonLaurene Landon
Sharon Stann
Laurene Landon was:
Portrait of Calhoun KoenigCalhoun Koenig
Calhoun Koenig was:
Portrait of Yan BirchYan Birch
Carter Stann
Yan Birch was:
Portrait of Harley WallenHarley Wallen
Harley Wallen was:
Portrait of Colleen GentryColleen Gentry
Clothing Store clerk
Colleen Gentry was:
Portrait of Kaiti WallenKaiti Wallen
Cassidy Stann
Kaiti Wallen was:
Portrait of Angelina Danielle CamaAngelina Danielle Cama
Angelina Danielle Cama was:
Portrait of Heather FairbanksHeather Fairbanks
Richie’s co-worker
Heather Fairbanks was:
Portrait of Jennifer JelsemaJennifer Jelsema
Detective Simmons
Jennifer Jelsema was:
Portrait of Mason HeidgerMason Heidger
Mason Heidger was:
Portrait of Whitney WagnerWhitney Wagner
Whitney Wagner was:
Portrait of Jessika JohnsonJessika Johnson
Jessika Johnson was:
Portrait of Aphrodite NikolovskiAphrodite Nikolovski
Aphrodite Nikolovski was:
Portrait of Kimberly Cruchon BrooksKimberly Cruchon Brooks
Wheelchair patient
Kimberly Cruchon Brooks was:
Portrait of Destiny HughbanksDestiny Hughbanks
Party guest
Destiny Hughbanks was:
Portrait of Denise Emilia SandulescuDenise Emilia Sandulescu
Young Sharon
Denise Emilia Sandulescu was:
Portrait of Kris ReillyKris Reilly
Richie Stann
Kris Reilly was:
Portrait of Brent BondyBrent Bondy
Young Carter
Brent Bondy was:
Portrait of Nick SarelliNick Sarelli
Nick Sarelli was:
Portrait of George GonzalezGeorge Gonzalez
Coffee Barista
George Gonzalez was:
Portrait of Walker FairbanksWalker Fairbanks
Young Richie
Walker Fairbanks was:
Portrait of Evan KeoshianEvan Keoshian
Coffee date boy
Evan Keoshian was:
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