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Victòria! 3: El seny i la rauxa

Victòria! 3: El seny i la rauxa

Release Date: 1984-02-03 (37 years ago)
Helmut Berger
Tinent Rodríguez Haro
Helmut Berger was:
Xabier Elorriaga
Jaume Canals
Xabier Elorriaga was:
Norma Duval
Maria Aliaga
Norma Duval was:
Carme Elias
Carme Elias was:
Eva Cobo
Eva Cobo was:
Teresa Gimpera
Doña Isabelina
Teresa Gimpera was:
Craig Hill
Tinent Coronel Bruguete
Craig Hill was:
Pau Garsaball
Commissari Bravo Portillo
Pau Garsaball was:
Alfred Lucchetti
Llorenç Vinyes
Alfred Lucchetti was:
Alicia Orozco
Francesa catalana
Alicia Orozco was:
Francisco Rabal
Coronel Márquez
Francisco Rabal was:
Jesús Ramos
Jesús Ramos was:
Agustí Ros
Agustí Ros was:
Andrea Albani
Andrea Albani was:
Josep Maria Angelat
Josep Maria Angelat was:
Rafael Anglada
Rafael Anglada was:
Josep Ballester
Josep Ballester was:
Damià Barbany
Damià Barbany was:
Jordi Batalla
Jordi Batalla was:
Manuel Bronchud
Manuel Bronchud was:
Carme Bustamante
Carme Bustamante was:
Julia Caballero
Julia Caballero was:
Florencio Calpe
Florencio Calpe was:
Enric Casamitjana
Enric Casamitjana was:
Lluïsa Castell
Lluïsa Castell was:
José María Cañete
José María Cañete was:
Antonio Chamorro
Antonio Chamorro was:
Ana Cimini
Ana Cimini was:
Diana Conca
Diana Conca was:
Artur Costa
Artur Costa was:
Luis Cuenca
Luis Cuenca was:
Josep Cuní
Josep Cuní was:
Joan Dalmau
Joan Dalmau was:
Josep Maria Domènech
Josep Maria Domènech was:
Dolors Ducastella
Dolors Ducastella was:
Albert Dueso
Albert Dueso was:
Llàtzer Escarceller
Llàtzer Escarceller was:
Mir Ferry
Mir Ferry was:
Josep Lluís Fonoll
Josep Lluís Fonoll was:
Pedro Fontana
Pedro Fontana was:
Jesús Guzmán
Jesús Guzmán was:
Víctor Israel
Víctor Israel was:
Francisco Jarque
Francisco Jarque was:
Loles León
Loles León was:
Blai Llopis
Blai Llopis was:
Ramón Madaula
Ramón Madaula was:
Emy Matías
Emy Matías was:
Daniel Medrán
Daniel Medrán was:
Joan Monleón
Joan Monleón was:
Isidro Novellas
Isidro Novellas was:
César Ojinaga
César Ojinaga was:
Ventura Oller
Ventura Oller was:
Francesc Orella
Francesc Orella was:
Santi Pons
Santi Pons was:
Marta Pérez Ferrándiz
Marta Pérez Ferrándiz was:
Emma Quer
Emma Quer was:
Antoni Ribas
Antoni Ribas was:
Boris Ruiz
Boris Ruiz was:
Anjo Salom
Anjo Salom was:
Carles Sans
Carles Sans was:
Rosa María Sardà
Rosa María Sardà was:
Antonio Sarrá
Antonio Sarrá was:
Josep Solans
Josep Solans was:
Gal Soler
Gal Soler was:
Jaume Sorribas
Jaume Sorribas was:
Juan Subatella
Juan Subatella was:
Jordi Torras
Jordi Torras was:
Juan Torres
Juan Torres was:
Fernando Ulloa
Fernando Ulloa was:
José Antonio Vilasaló
José Antonio Vilasaló was:
Juan Viñallonga
Juan Viñallonga was:
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