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Three Hearts for Julia

Three Hearts for Julia

Release Date: 1943-05-21 (77 years ago)
Ann Sothern
Julia Seabrook
Ann Sothern was:
Melvyn Douglas
Jeff Seabrook
Melvyn Douglas was:
Lee Bowman
David Torrance
Lee Bowman was:
Richard Ainley
Philip Barrows
Richard Ainley was:
Felix Bressart
Anton Ottoway
Felix Bressart was:
Marta Linden
May Elton
Marta Linden was:
Reginald Owen
John Girard
Reginald Owen was:
Marietta Canty
Mattie, Julia's Maid
Marietta Canty was:
Elvia Allman
Eva (uncredited)
Elvia Allman was:
Chester Clute
Man with Binoculars at Opera (uncredited)
Chester Clute was:
Dick Elliott
Smith (uncredited)
Dick Elliott was:
Mary Field
Symphony Guild Secretary (uncredited)
Mary Field was:
Bess Flowers
Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Robert Greig
Cairns, Anton's Butler (uncredited)
Robert Greig was:
Harry Hayden
Steve (uncredited)
Harry Hayden was:
Russell Hicks
Colonel (uncredited)
Russell Hicks was:
Dick Wessel
Soldier-Stage Manager (uncredited)
Dick Wessel was:
Eve Whitney
Musician (uncredited)
Eve Whitney was:
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