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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Keep Your Powder Dry

Keep Your Powder Dry

Release Date: 1945-04-01 (76 years ago)
Lana Turner
Valerie Parks
Lana Turner was:
Laraine Day
Leigh Rand
Laraine Day was:
Susan Peters
Ann Darrison
Susan Peters was:
Agnes Moorehead
Lieut. Colonel Spottiswoode
Agnes Moorehead was:
Bill Johnson
Captain Bill Barclay
Bill Johnson was:
Natalie Schafer
Harriet Corwin
Natalie Schafer was:
Lee Patrick
Gladys Hopkins
Lee Patrick was:
Jess Barker
Junior Vanderheusen
Jess Barker was:
June Lockhart
Sarah Swanson
June Lockhart was:
Marta Linden
Capt. Sanders
Marta Linden was:
Tim Murdock
Capt. Joseph Mannering
Tim Murdock was:
Henry O'Neill
Maj. Gen. Lee Rand
Henry O'Neill was:
Mary Lord
Mary Lord was:
Sondra Rodgers
WAC Hodgekins
Sondra Rodgers was:
Marjorie Davies
WAC Polhemus
Marjorie Davies was:
Rex Evans
Marco Cummings
Rex Evans was:
Pierre Watkin
Mr. Lorrison
Pierre Watkin was:
Shirley Patterson
WAC Brooks
Shirley Patterson was:
Michael Kirby
Capt. John Darrison
Michael Kirby was:
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